TheTurn Tee PromJeff Garber joins host Shan Coughlin to talk about TheTurn Tee on TGD Product Showcase.  This tee, quickly Shan’s and many other’s favorite including PGA tour player Brad Fritsch, is different in that it allows you to consistently tee the ball at the same height.   You may be thinking, “Well, I always tee it the same height and can eyeball it.”  But as Shan discovered first hand, the difference in the grass and undulation in the tee boxes may have you thinking you are teeing it up the same, when in fact you are not.  The turn stopper allows you to preset the height at a certain number marked on the tee and when you put the tee in the ground, it will let you know when you are at the right height.  With tees set for her driver, three wood and par three shots, Shan found that sometimes it “looked” like her ball was teed too high or too low but what she found was more consistency proving that her eye ball was deceiving her making her tee shots even harder.  Now she knows that the ball is at the correct height for her swing and that is just one less thing to worry about.

TheTurn TeesOthers have found this to be the case as well including Brad Fritsch, PGA Tour member.  In April, 2014, Brad signed on to use and endorse the TheTurn Tee through 2016 at least.  Fritsch is known to like to see a lower ball flight so he uses the #4 setting.  As they say, you can just Set It and Forget It.  Jeff is very excited to have Fritsch use and endorse the product and shares even more stories from users during this interview.

TheTurn Tee was developed and is produced in Canada, highly engineered from durable Poly-Carbonate plastics.   One thing that amazed Shan right away was that she still has all eight of her TheTurn Tees after 10 rounds of golf when she normally would go through 10-12 per round of wooden tees and two to three of those competitors who say they last forever.  These actually have.  They come in packages of traditional white, global pink, the Olympic medal colors and translucent blue, orange, yellow and red, two each in a package of those.

For additional information and to order your own set or sets (Shan used them as stocking stuffers last Christmas), go to their website at httpss://  And don’t miss the fun Shan and Jeff had during their chat so click the player above to hear the whole thing.  You can also download it for listen on demand.  You’ll especially want to take note of the Buy One Get One offer for The Golf Director listeners and readers.  On their website, use code TGD when you order and Jeff will send you a second set for Free.   Thank you for your interest in TheTurn Tee on  this edition of TGD Product Showcase.