The Traveling Golfer television show, a stalwart in the world of golf media, has once again distinguished itself at the International Golf Networks media awards, held during the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando. The show, renowned for its captivating coverage of golf destinations and insights into the game, secured a national award for the tenth consecutive year, underscoring its enduring excellence and commitment to the sport.

Hosted by the charismatic Tony Leodora, the Traveling Golfer has been a fixture in the golfing community, offering viewers an insider’s look at premier golf courses, exclusive resorts, and the latest in golfing equipment and trends. The show’s blend of informative and entertaining content has made it a favorite among golf enthusiasts, spanning a broad spectrum of topics from the technical aspects of golf to the lifestyle surrounding the sport.

This year’s accolade at the PGA Show, presented by the International Network of Golf (ING), is a testament to the show’s sustained quality and impact in golf media. The ING Media Awards are highly competitive, covering a range of categories including print, radio, and television, and attracting entries from some of the most prominent names in golf journalism. Winning this award not only highlights the Traveling Golfer’s exceptional content but also its significant contribution to promoting golf across various platforms.

The award presentation, a highlight of the PGA Show, acknowledges those who have made remarkable contributions to golf media and communications. The Traveling Golfer’s success at this event reflects its role in not only showcasing the beauty and challenge of golf courses worldwide but also in fostering a deeper appreciation of the game among viewers.

The show’s global reach has been further amplified through its partnership with WingDing MEDIA, allowing for distribution across digital broadcast platforms and connected TV networks, thereby reaching an even wider audience. This strategic collaboration has enabled the Traveling Golfer to navigate the evolving media landscape successfully, bringing the best of golf to enthusiasts wherever they are.

As the Traveling Golfer looks ahead, its ongoing recognition at events like the PGA Show’s ING Media Awards solidifies its position as a leading voice in golf media. For Tony Leodora and his team, the award is both an honor and a motivation to continue delivering content that resonates with golfers of all levels, celebrating the game’s traditions while embracing new trends and technologies in golf.

The Traveling Golfer’s achievement at the 2024 PGA Show is a milestone in its illustrious journey, marking another chapter in its mission to bring the world of golf closer to fans around the globe. As the show continues to explore new destinations and stories in the world of golf, its award-winning legacy is a beacon for quality, innovation, and passion in golf media.