Sea Trail Golf Club in North Carolina has recently come under new ownership, marking a promising chapter for the esteemed golf destination. According to a news release covered by the Star News Online, Sea Trail Investments LLC is the new proprietor of the club, with a partnership comprising individuals well-known in the construction and golf industry.

The ownership team includes Robert Hill and Donald Bean, who are co-owners of Riptide Builders, alongside Parker Smith, the owner of Golf Trek. This collaboration of professionals from related sectors hints at a strategic approach to enhancing the Sea Trail Golf Club’s offerings and overall experience.

Furthermore, the ownership group has been expanded with the addition of Sandesh Sharda, creating Sea Trail Golf Resort LLC. This expansion indicates a commitment to investing in the property’s future, suggesting potential enhancements and developments that could significantly benefit both the golf club and the wider Sunset Beach area.

With such a dynamic and experienced group at the helm, the Sea Trail Golf Club is poised for exciting developments. The new owners’ backgrounds in construction, golf tourism, and now with added investment power, signal a bright future for this beloved golf destination. Golf enthusiasts and the local community alike will eagerly watch the transformations and improvements set to unfold under this new ownership.

$50 million has been invested into Sea Trail’s revitalization efforts that will include upgrades to the convention center, a future hotel site, and activity center. The convention center will undergo major upgrades to its components, parking lots, outdoor reception areas, lighting, and signage. These improvements will make the convention center a source of pride for Sea Trail and an economic engine for Sunset Beach