The Golf Director (TGD) – TGD Newswire – Portal To The Lifestyle

TGD is a Zeus Digital Marketing, LLC property established in 2009 as a digital marketing and multimedia online Radio / TV platform. The concept was created from the ground up to connect traveling golfers to golf products and services. We have evolved our products and processes over time to remain relevant in the golf industry and to drive sales for our partners.

News Release Services With Extended Distribution

News Releases / Press Releases have been a mainstay in the golf industry for delivering the latest news about products, services, players, courses, and destinations in general. The golfing community has been lead, as has the world, to streaming platforms for content consumption.

wingding™ – “Streaming Reimagined”

TGD and wingding™ have partnered to bring the latest news and information from the golf industry to the golfing world. With unmatched distribution, wingding™ allows the TGD Newswire to expand delivery beyond print, beyond web, and beyond television. The wingding™ solution publishes content to 13 streaming platforms: Facebook; YouTube; iTunes; Spotify; iHeart; Radio; Google Podcast;  Tune-In; Chromecast; ROKU; Amazon Fire TV;  Apple TV, and a WebApp that allows access via all major browsers. . These platforms serve over 5.5 billion active monthly users and are accessible from nearly 15 billion devices. 

The TGD Newswire delivers to a previously “unimagined” reach!