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Back by popular demand The Rules of Golf returns to TGD Radio and TV. Hosted by PGA Professional and instructor from The Golf Academy of America, Martyn Woodhouse, he begins this series by talking about the principles behind the rules.  Martyn joins host Shan Coughlin for this inaugural re-launch of a show that is a listeners’ favorite.  Face it, the rules are often debatable based on the situation.  Martyn shares that if we lived in Germany, we would need to pass a test, just to get a tee time – even at a private facility that we had paid to join.  But he is quick to say that he believes that local rules are ok and that the main reason for rules to begin with is for stroke play to ensure that those you are not playing with are following the same rules that you are during your round.  It is really quite fascinating.

The Game of Golf began as a stroke play game with two principles – play the course as you find it, and you only touch your ball to put it on the tee and to remove it from the hole.  The rest of the book(s) are to cover what to do as exceptions to those two.  Shan’s Dad taught her to play golf and she said she had never heard it explained that way.  And isn’t that the issue?  Most of us learn to play from someone else or a group of someone elses.  How many of us have ever read the rules?  Almost no-one.  But that is ok.  We are going to clarify them here, on The Rules of Golf.  And now that stroke play is the norm for a lot of tournaments, if we choose to play in a competitive environment, we have to adhere to the formal rules of golf along with any local rules shared by the tournament officials.  It definitely makes for a lively discussion.

Martyn Woodhouse

Martyn Woodhouse

To listen or to download the podcast from this episode, click HERE  Martyn, with his experience as an instructor, tournament director, and teacher, gives a different perspective that we find refreshing and hope you will agree.  Check back in regularly for additional information and also send us a comment or question on the Community Site by Clicking Here or by clicking the Community Site tab on the home page.  Thank you for listening.

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