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The Great Couples Golf Trip Featured

On July Episode of Traveling Golfer

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – (July 1, 2024) – Golf trips have long been the specialty of the Traveling Golfer television show. Many episodes have sparked ideas of great golf trips to locations … across the country and around the world. 

Now, show host Tony Leodora and the Traveling Golfer crew take an in-depth look at the Great Couples Golf Trip. And the Valley Forge area of Montgomery County, Pa., has been selected as the ideal location. For many reasons.

Valley Forge is located in the heart of Montgomery County, the golf capital of Pennsylvania. Among the almost-50 courses in the tiny county just northwest of Philadelphia is Raven’s Claw Golf Club, ranked among the top daily fee courses in Pennsylvania since it opened in 2004.

Even more important for a Couples Golf Trip, is the myriad of non-golf activities found throughout Montgomery County. Tourist attractions, such as Valley Forge National Park and the rapidly expanding Elmwood Park Zoo, appeal to everyone. World-class shopping exists at the mammoth King of Prussia Mall and the nearby Town Center. And now offers a greater variety of outstanding culinary efforts – from a long list of fine dining establishments to the locally owned shops that feature the iconic cheesesteak sandwich.

“I can’t think of an area that offers more for couples to do on a vacation than Montgomery County,” says Mike Bowman, CEO of the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board. “They can create a vacation that is as busy, or as relaxing, as they would like. There is no area that compares with this in the entire country.”

“I have gone on many golf trips, year after year,” explains Traveling Golfer show host Tony Leodora. “In recent years I have seen an increase in people asking about the best place to take a couples golf trip. After a bit of thought, I decided that no place offers as much variety as the Valley Forge area. There is a special excitement to the area that combines with the great golf and appeals to couples – whether it is one couple or a group of 24 couples.”

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As part of every Traveling Golfer show there is the feature, “Tech Talk”, hosted by Tour Edge Golf experts, such as President Dave Glod. With years of experience as a club maker, Glod presents an inside look at the research and development of high-quality golf equipment.

Responding to golfers’ never-ending demands to learn more about interesting golf courses and golf resorts across the country and around the world, well-traveled host Tony Leodora created the Traveling Golfer so he could take viewers on video trips to some of the most exciting golf locations. In each of its 10 years on the air, the show has been honored by the International Network of Golf with one of its prestigious awards. In four of those years the Traveling Golfer was named the No. 1 Golf Television Show in America.

The Traveling Golfer is a series of monthly shows hosted by Leodora and his partners, Jeff & Dustin Gilder and produced by Executive Producer Dustin Gilder. All have many years of experience in televised golf. The featured destination stays on the website for one month, before being replaced by a new show. Alternate shows also air in a two-month rotation. All old shows are archived for continued viewing on the YouTube Network and on the home website,

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