The GolfMonger Take On the Masters

The GolfMonger Take On the Masters is very simple…it is time for the Masters and we are excited!

This week is the best week on the calendar for golf fans.  No question about it.  We wait all winter long for it.  We get excited when it is getting close.  We are like little kids on Christmas morning when it finally arrives.  The Masters at Augusta National starts today!

This year there is a different kind of feel to the Masters.  We normally are talking about 6 or 8 players that have a “real chance” of winning the green jacket.  2016 is not that year.  Most of the experts have named as many as 15 or 20 players that realistically could win.  That is an an amazing thing and we are happy to hear it.

Stepping away from the players for a moment.  Let’s talk about the TV coverage for a moment.

Why are we still only getting afternoon television coverage by ESPN and CBS?  Why do we not have “Breakfast at Augusta”? Or at the very least full coverage from the time the first group tees it up?  We still get the archaic afternoon only golf coverage.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

In a time where the golf community is looking for ways to draw the milenials to the game, we are limiting access to view the most anticipated major of the year?  Please explain to me how that makes sense.  You can’t. Because it doesn’t.

The storylines are plenty.  Can Jason Day keep his hot streak alive amd win back-to-back majors?  Can Bubba Watson win a 3rd green jacket?  Can Phil Mickelson have a resurgence and win a 4th Masters at the age of 45 years young?  What about Rory McIlroy?  Is the grand slam going to be realized come Sunday?

We talk about all these topics and a whole lot more.  It is Augusta all the time today on The GolfMonger Show.

We will be broadcasting with live commentary on Sunday starting at 2pm EST.  Our panel with discuss the final round in its entirety, all the way until the green jacket is slipped on the winner.  Tune in for a great afternoon of golf commentary and fun with crew at

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