This edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand takes us to Crow Creek Golf Club in Calabash, NC.  Christine heads out onto the golf course to find PGA Head Professional, Jimmy Biggs and she is looking for a tip to improve her game.  Let’s see what Jimmy has to show us today.

It is US Open week so Jimmy is showing us how to successfully get out of the bunker when we find ourselves in there.  There is some serious bunker trouble at Oakmont Country Club outside Pittsburgh, PA, and this is where our friend Jimmy is drawing the inspiration for this golf tip from.

Many golfers have too much lateral movement in their body when trying to hit the ball out of the bunker.  This movement makes it very difficult to get back square a hit a proper shot.  Keeping the legs “quiet” and not moving too much makes it much easier to hit through the ball and blast out of the bunker and onto the green.

Practice is very important to improving the golf swing.  Crow Creek Golf Club boasts an amazing 22-acre practice facility on site.  There is not a better place to practice on the Grand Strand.  The range has new targets that include chipping baskets and flags.  The putting green is massive and the short game chipping area is fantastic.

The practice facility is a great place to get some lessons.  Jimmy and his fellow teaching PGA instructor, Jeff Davis are available to give personal and group lessons and clinics year round.

Lessons are good to help golfers of all skill levels and all stages of the golf game.  From beginners and youth to older golfers and low handicaps, a lesson is always a good idea to help get scores lower.

The combination of Jimmy and Jeff is all a golfer can ask for. Jimmy specializes in the short game.  He calls “the scoring game” his specialty.  Golfers in need of help from 100 yards and in need to look no further than Mr. Biggs.  Jimmy has all the knowledge and tricks of the trade to help shave some strokes off the score around the green.  Jeff on the other hand specializes in helping with the tee ball.

For more information on how to schedule a lesson, a practice session or to make a tee time visit

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