This edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand comes from Arcadian Shores.  We are always happy spend time with our good friend and PGA Head Professional, Frank Coughlin anytime we get the chance.  We learn something new every time.  Wonder what Frank has in store for us today?

It is summer time in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  It can be very hot and very sunny on the golf course.  It is very important to take care of yourself while spending hours outside on the golf course.  Frank and our host Brian Stefan discuss the different ways for golfers to protect themselves from the sun.

First and foremost it is important to apply the proper amount of sunscreen to protect exposed skin from the potentially harmful rays of the sun.  We know that golfers are not always fond of applying sunscreen due to the fact that it can make their hands greasy or slippery and that is not good when trying to hold onto the golf club.  Don’t forget that there are sunscreens come in a spray now.  It eliminates slippery and greasy hands for golfers.

In addition to the sunscreen or instead of sunscreen, be sure to wear some kind of hat to help shade your face.  A regular golf hat or a visor takes care of the face area.  Frank also recommends the bigger hats.  Using a wide brim hat like a straw hat or a bucket-type hat provides even better protection from the sun.  The brim shades not only the golfers face but also the ears and back of the neck.  This is optimum protection while enjoying a round on a hot summer day at Arcadian Shores.

Frank also filled us in on the summer happenings at Arcadian Shores.  June is the grass growing month at the beach.  The superintendent and his staff are working hard on the “necessary evil” of aerification on the golf course that needs to be done to help the grass stay healthy and plush and green.  This is something every golf course does and has to do.  It makes for great playing conditions on the course.

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