We visit Crow Creek Golf Club in Calabash, NC for this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  Our good friend and head professional, Jimmy Biggs, has a tip for improving our chipping shots.  It is a must see.

This is a tip that will not be soon forgotten.  Jimmy compares the fun backyard game of “Bag Toss” or “Cornhole” to the chip shot.  What?  Yes, we said Jimmy compares Cornhole to chipping the golf ball.

Tempo is the name of the game.  A flaw of many amateur and beginning golfers is the tempo of the swing during a chip shot.  Too many times golfers rush through the chip.  In other words, the backswing and follow through is way to fast for the delicate nature of a shot in the chipping zone.

The length of the chip shot dictates the length of the arc of the swing during the swing.  Short chip shots only need a short arc in the swing to get the ball to the hole.  Obviously a long chip requires a longer arc on the swing.  Consistency is what we are looking for in the chip shot swing.

A good mind set is to think of the toss in a Cornhole game.  The shorter the arm swing is the shorter the bag toss in going to go.  A long swing of the arm will send the bag all the way to the back of the board. Keep that thought in mind when faced with a chip shot approach at the green.

It is easy to practice as well.  Take the time to set up balls to chip at the hole.  Adjust the distance to the hole with the length of the swing arc.  Remember length of arc is proportionate to the length of the chip shot.  A smooth tempo and pace to the arc will make for solid contact and good distance control to the shot.

For more golf tips or to schedule a lesson with Head Professional Jimmy Biggs visit the website crowcreekgolf.com and click on the lesson tab to set up a lesson with Jimmy or teaching pro, Jeff Davis.  They will be happy to help with your short game and a whole lot more.  A call to the pro shop will work as well.  Call 910-287-3081 for information on lessons.

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