Sandpiper Bay Golf – Jan Renovation Update

Sandpiper Bay Cleveland Srixon Clubhouse On this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand, host Shan Coughlin joins head golf professional Brett Thomas at Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club to discuss upcoming changes, current specials and some tips for playing in different weather conditions in the Sandpiper Bay Golf – Jan Renovation Update.

In this January update, Thomas tells Coughlin there are plans for the clubhouse to be renovated. With different functions being hosted in the clubhouse, the changes will only enrich each golfer’s experience there. Thomas said they often host birthday parties, anniversaries and other events, and the Golf Director event is actually next month!

The clubhouse is not the only part of Sandpiper Bay undergoing renovations, the course is as well. Thomas said there will be even more changes, including new bunkers, improved cart paths, and the removal of more trees. Additionally, there will be more drainage on the course to help the grass dry out faster, which will mean less cart path-only areas, which all golfers can enjoy, Thomas explained.

Located in Calabash, NC, only a short drive from Myrtle Beach, Sandpiper Bay Golf is still experiencing golf weather – even in January. In the event of a cooler day, Thomas gave tips for maintaining a good score in chillier weather.  

“The funny thing about it being colder is that you put more clothing on and tend to hit the ball to the right ‘cause you get stuck,” Thomas explained to Coughlin. “In the summer, you take more clothing off, so you tend to hit the ball to the left, there is less holding you back.”

Sandpiper Bay Golf - Jan Renovation Update

Sandpiper Bay Gator

Thomas said some advice they tell all their players, whether they are the club champion or the newest golfer – switch to a two piece golf ball. He said there are those highly expensive balls like the Titleist Pro V1 and the Bridgestone B330S, those are 4-piece golf balls made to perform best in normal conditions. Thomas said golfers will not get the complete benefit of that ball in 40 to 50 degree weather. Instead, he recommends two piece balls like the Srixon Soft Feel.


“It’s a two-piece ball, so it will stay in the air a little bit longer and won’t have as much spin, per say, into the green because it’s not a 4-piece ball, but you’ll be able to control it more and it’ll stay in the air a little longer, which is what you’ll lose when it gets cold – the ball will stay in the air less. So we’re looking for more carry and less time on the ground,” Thomas said.   He explained to Coughlin that contrary to a popular belief, the summer humidity actually holds the ball in the air longer, and the cold air drops it.

Book Sandpiper Bay Golf in Advance and Save

There are many ways to find out more about Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club. The best way to book tee time, and read about specials and multi-play cards is to log onto

Thomas said there are a lot of snowbirds coming down at this time, and there are three-, 10- and 20-round multi-plays available. Golfers have a full month to use up these deals and they include a cart and range balls, and average at about $30 a play. Additionally, golfers can take advantage of these deals without an upfront membership fee, making it a great deal for snowbirds.

Another way to find more information is to log onto, or call Dave. Thomas said golfers can book some package rounds, replays, 18 holes, 27 holes – they can get it all in. Finally, Thomas reminds everyone to book in advance and save! Sandpiper Bay Golf is now offering an “airline discount,” where if booking in advance, golfers can save on the price to play.  Finally, check out the Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club on Facebook for updates, information and great photos of wildlife on the course.

Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club is located at 800 N. Sandpiper Club Drive Sunset Beach, NC, and the pro shop can be reached at (800) 356-5827 or (910) 579-9120.