Sandpiper Bay Golf Club Adds Srixon Cleveland

Sandpiper Bay Golf Club Adds Srixon ClevelandIn this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand, Brett Thomaswick, Head Golf Professional from Sandpiper Bay Golf Club tells host Shan Coughlin some exciting news.  Following the PGA Merchandise show last month in Orlando Florida, Sandpiper Bay Golf Club adds Srixon Cleveland to its lineup.  They are now an authorized club dealer and will soon receive a custom fitting cart and launch monitor to better fulfill the needs of their members and visitors alike, looking for fitted Srixon and Cleveland clubs.  Its a known fact that fitted clubs perform better than standard clubs as no one is “standard” any more.  Golfers may adapt but they will never get the full advantage of their natural swing if their clubs are not fitted to them.

Shan asks Brett about the launch monitor and he explains that this technology is able to give a golfer’s ball speed, club head speed, smash factor and carry distance.  When asked what “smash factor” was, Brett told Shan that it is the amount of energy the golfer transfers into the ball, how efficient the swing is.  This number can tell the golfer where they are losing power whether it is in part of the swing or where they are hitting the ball on the club head.  All of these numbers are then used to better fit the clubs to the golfer to ensure the highest performance from the equipment when the golfer is swinging normally.

As they are standing in the golf shop, Brett talks about the apparel lines they are carrying including Antigua and the soon to be arriving Under Armor brand with it’s neon flair.  There is also a 50% of shoes sale going on.  Brett adds that with all of the rain we have had recently, the only shoes he will carry in the shop are waterproof shoes.  The majority are FootJoy and he does have some others for variety.  As last year’s Bridgestone merchandise contest winner, Brett is always creative with displays and the shop is interesting to see.


Sandpiper Bay Golf Club adds Srixon Cleveland

Sandpiper Bay’s Mascot

The golf course has recently undergone a lot of renovations and the clubhouse is on point next.  Brett recaps what has happened and what is planned over the next couple of months.  Brett says the ownership has put a ton of money back into the property, much to the applause of the membership and visitors who come back year after year.  If you haven’t played Sandpiper Bay Golf Club recently, you will want to put it back on your list to see the “new” 27 holes.  Changes that have been completed include the removal of 300 trees with the majority inside the cart paths opening the fairways up.  The cart paths have been repaved for a smoother ride along the course.  The largest, most significant and easiest to notice difference is with the bunkers.  Over two dozen sand bunkers have been removed and EVERY bunker has been reconstructed with state of the art drainage systems.  New, bright white sand has replaced the denser clay like sand they had previously.  They are not only beautiful but much easier to hit out of.

Renovations to come include a new roof to the clubhouse and cosmetic changes inside to update the look.   To celebrate, Sandpiper Bay has waived the initiation fee for their annual membership and invite all those who live in the area or visit frequently to check it out.   With member events each month and discounts throughout the clubhouse, it is really a great value.  Don’t forget the spring and fall weekly clinics open to everyone as well. Especially the one on sand bunkers.  Shan asked Brett to give a tip and he said that with hard packed clay like sand, you need to nip the ball as clean as possible but with fluffy, lose sand, hit 1-2 inches behind to blast it out of the sand.  It is the same swing, just change where the club is going to hit the sand and you should get out every time.


For more information on Sandpiper Bay Golf Club, making a tee time, membership information and more, visit their website at  Sandpiper Bay Golf Club is located in Calabash North Carolina just a few miles from the South Carolina border and is considered part of the Grand Strand of the Myrtle Beach area.