Jeff Pianelli talks with Host Shan Coughlin on this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand and gives the Rivers Edge Golf Course Update February 2016.  There are new tees coming to Rivers Edge this spring – the Scoring Tees.  These will be a more forward set of tees put in place to increase success for those who may not play as much, may be just starting or whose swing speed may not be as quick as it used to be or as fast as it needs to be to play certain courses.

Jeff tells Shan that this set of scoring tees will be installed creating two new yardages for the course, one at just over 4000 yards and the other at 3500 yards.  The location will be indicated with a colored disc on the course and a mark on the cart path.  These tees will also be rated so those wishing to establish or maintain a handicap will be able to.  These tees will also be available during competitions because of the rating.  To be rated a course must be over 3000 yards so both sets will qualify for USGA ratings.

In the past, tee box and tee locations have been based on how far the average golfers hit their driver and 5 iron.  If you look at the club sets these days, some don’t even contain a 5 iron.  Jeff says that now, swing speed is considered.  Shan and Jeff talk about several things than can affect the swing speed like age, length of time playing the game, strength and injury.  Having an option that allows a golfer’s game to better fit a more challenging and intimidating course will only add to the enjoyment level for all.

Especially for the new golfer, it is often said that they won’t try a harder course, even if it is more beautiful, because they don’t want to feel like they are holding anyone up.  If a course doesn’t quite suit a golfers game and they struggle, this not only frustrates the player but also takes longer increasing pace of play not only for that particular golfer’s group but also for the ones playing behind.  This is a great way to both attract more players who may not have tried it and allow for newer or higher handicap players to continue playing on the more challenging and beautiful courses without the stigma of taking too long.


For more information on these new tee locations and the course in general, visit their website at  Jeff also gives private lessons and will be hosting several clinics this spring and summer so you will want to take advantage of these to improve your game.

Rivers Edge Golf Club is an Arnold Palmer design, located in Shallotte North Carolina right on the Shallotte River.  It truly is a remarkably beautiful course.  Participating in the Platinum Golf Membership program, many golf package options including the PGA (Play Golf Again) packages offered in the Myrtle Beach area, and with their own membership programs, Rivers Edge offers many affordable ways to play.  For the best single day rates, again, visit their website to book online.

“It is our goal for 2016 to improve pace of play and golfers’ success on the course for a more enjoyable experience,” Pianelli states to keep golfers coming back to this fantastic game.