The Golf Rules 2The Golf RulesRichard Todd, author of The Golf Rules joins host Shan Coughlin at Amateur Golf Talk LIVE!  Richard, through his love of the game and an early embarrassing situation the first time he was able to play a round with his dad, wanted to avoid that pitfall when his son came to him wanting to play competitively.  His answer, to study the rules of golf through the USGA and PGA programs.  Following the rules has always been in his nature and something he enforces in his career as a banking compliance manager so naturally when his son wanted to start playing in tournaments, Richard embraced the opportunity to go all in with the rules of golf.

This experience led him to his next endeavor, becoming an author.  And in this endeavor, he went all in as well becoming a member of the International Writers Association.  With three books to his credit, Short Stories from the Long Links, The Golf Rules, and The Golf Rules Etiquette, as well as a Golf Course Journal where you can keep your favorite memories, Richard is fast becoming a sought after speaker on the topic.  You can get more information on his books and his story at this website httpss:// .

Hear Richard and Shan talk about some funny stories from his book The Golf Rules.  It’s subtitle, Learn the Rules of Golf by Watching Others Break Them, just lends itself to interesting commentary.  In his book, he follows folks along an 18 hole match, logging all the rules broken along the way.  Now if you have spent any time on the course or in the 19th hole, you know how funny these can be.  Click on the player above or download the podcast to your smart device for listen on demand.

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