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High Heat Driver-Knuth GolfHigh Heat Driver-Knuth Golf

High Heat Driver-Knuth Golf is designed for the average golfer. Most drivers that are being marketed today are produced with specifications that are more suited for professional golfers. Dean Knuth’s design for the High Heat has created a driver with  the center of gravity (CG) positioned lower and further back, therefore helping the average golfer get the ball up in the air. Most drivers are designed with a more forward and higher CG. The High Heat also incorporates a “bulge and roll” design to help amateurs hit the ball straighter. Most amateur golfers do not make contact with the ball in the center of the club face. The bulge and roll on High Heat Driver-Knuth Golf design allows for off-center hits that will actually help correct the ball’s flight.

Longer and Straighter

Longer and straighter. What else do you need to know to make the decision to purchase the High Heat Driver-Knuth Golf? Want more information about the technology behind the design? Want to know more about the laboratory testing that proves the claims of Knuth Golf? Tune in to our broadcasts of “High Heat” with designer Dean Knuth. Or visit their website at httpss://knuthgolf.com and see the facts for yourself.

What Amateurs Are Saying

The TGD staff attended the ING Spring Conference this year and spent an entire day on the demo range checking out a variety of new products. Hanging out near the High Heat Driver-Knuth Golf exhibit and watching golfers try the new driver was incredible. Our own Brian Stephan, who calls himself an 11 handicap (I’ve played with him…he’s a solid 18) hit the High Heat. The very first drive was much longer and straighter than any drive I saw him hit with his clubs the day before during our tournament. He was hitting banana shaped drives tournament.  He continued to hit beautiful drives, one after the other, with the High Heat. They were all long and straight, even a couple that he said he mishit. Dean and team were giving feedback from their monitoring devices that proved this was no fluke.

Brian’s story was not unique. We continually heard golfer remark they’ve never hit the ball so far or so straight. One thing we heard that we feel is significant was the feeling confidence golfer had with the High Heat in their hands. There’s no doubt in our minds that Dean Knuth has a solid winner. HERE is more on this subject.

Dean-KInuthDean Knuth

Dean Knuth is a name well-known in the golf industry. You may have heard him referred to as the “Pope of the Slope”.  He is the former Senior Director of United States Golf Association Handicap Department, and the developer of the USGA’s Course Rating and Slope Rating System. He became known in golf circles as the Pope of the Slope. When it comes to credibility, Dean Knuth has it covered. He invented the Golf Digest Handicap System that is featured at GolfDigest.com. Knuth is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America. He also is an inventor and has been issued five U S Patents (See www.pandagolf.com)   Need More information about High Heat Driver-Knuth Golf? Don’t miss upcoming episodes of “High heat” on TGD Radio and TV.

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