Play World Tour Golf Links Jan 2016

Host of Tee It UP Grand Strand Shan Coughlin joins head golf professional Casey Cook at International World Tour Golf Links to discuss what makes the golf course unique and what golfers can expect moving into spring golf season on this Play World Tour Golf Links Jan 2016 update.  

Cook joined the staff of the World Tour Golf Links in the spring of 2015. Coughlin asked him what he thinks makes the facility unique.  “Like you said,” Cook told Coughlin, “I joined the crew out here in March 2015 and it’s been a great experience. One of the things that does make this golf course really unique is just the layout. Each hole is replicated after a famous hole from around the world, as you can see in the flags directly behind us; we have a flag flying for every either state or country that we have a hole that is replicated,” he explained.

“The staff is one of the best staffs I’ve ever had a chance to work with,” he said. Cook added that he has worked in the Myrtle Beach market for about 10 years now.General manager Tom Plankers recently told Coughlin the same thing, saying that replicating the holes really makes the course unique.

world tour bridgeWorld Tour Golf Links offers visitors a chance to play holes designed just like the major championship tournaments and top courses from around the world, including Pine Valley Golf Club, the National Golf Club of Canada, the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship.

Coughlin agreed. “You guys were able to absolutely perfectly replicate the holes as far as elevation and everything. But if someone didn’t know that that was what was going on out here, it still flows so well,” she said.  “Yeah, they did a phenomenal job with the layout,” Cook said. “Even though it’s replicated after different holes around the world, it flows just like any other golf course would. And I think that’s what provides the unique experience,” he said.

According to Cook, playing the course is just fun. He explained that every hole has a stone that provides history and information about the hole and what the pros have done on that hole.  Cook said that his favorite hole isPlay World Tour Golf Links Jan 2015 hole No. 1 on the open. He said the fairway is 53 yards wide, and it is one of the best warm up holes to play.   

Standing out in front of the clubhouse, Coughlin observed the facility is one of the largest on the Grand Strand. With columns, flags and intricate landscaping, Coughlin said the clubhouse is gorgeous.  Cook said the course hosts 12 to 20 corporate events each year at the clubhouse. Additionally, they cater to large groups on golf packages and offer availability for anniversaries, birthdays, rewards dinners, and more.  Cook told Coughlin he was born in Greenville, SC and has spent the last 18 years in Annapolis, Maryland. He said when people ask him why he moved down south, he always replies, “You can’t shovel heat.”

For those in the colder, northern states, Cook advises to book tee times soon, as spring can be a very busy time. He explained that the course is very busy in April around the time of the Masters, when people are on their way to the tournament, or returning home. He said it fills up fast.

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