The Round Table

This just in….the PGA of America has announced the formation of a committee to review all things Ryder Cup, including how it chooses its captains. Just over a week after yet another humiliating loss in the Ryder Cup, the PGA of America has decided to take additional measures to turn things around. Captain Watson failed to be Ted Bishop’s hand-picked savior, and the system for choosing captains, and captain’s picks is under scrutiny.

This came from a recent article in the New York Post… “In conversations we’ve had internally, the decision has been made to assemble a task force that will include PGA of America representation, past captains and current players to really dive into an open analysis of all aspects of the Ryder Cup to see what we can do to improve and give Team USA its very best chances of success,’’ PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua told The Post Monday. “We’re in the process right now of assembling that task force and it’s something we’re excited about. It will give everyone a little bit of ownership. I think it’s going to be a healthy, inclusive process.’’

The task force will have 12 members represented by past captains, PGA of America officers, and top American players.

Tech Talk With Al Cloyd

The spotlight on Tech Talk with Al Cloyd shines on Lamon Mann of Mannkrafted Putters. It has been almost a year since TGD has featured the fascinating custom putters of Lemont Mann. Since the last appearance, Mannkrafted continues to grow and develop it’s line. Mannkrafted putters are manufactured to the player’ exact specification. TGD Radio host, George Honeycutt plays a Mann putter and sings its praised each round. He describes Mannkrafted putters as being like snowflakes in that no two are identical. Another soldier in the Mannkrafted army is non other than HR3, Hugh Royer III. HR3 says the ball coming off his Mannkrafted is so soft it feels like you left the cover on the putter.

Al Cloyd brought some sample Mann putters to the show, and we each had the opportunity to check them out after the show. If you’re in the market for a custom putter made to your exact specification, give Lamont a look at httpss:// We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
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