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myrtle beach golf vacationsMyrtle Beach Golf and Golf Vacations

Why not have your next outing include Myrtle Beach golf? With over 85 courses from which to choose, the toughest decision will be where to play first. But that’s OK, golfers can visit our area year after year and play different courses on each trip. Although we refer to the entire golf market here as Myrtle Beach, technically much of it is not in “town” proper. A better description of the area would the Grand Strand with 60 miles of coastline from the north to south end. It’s a good idea to check out the  Area Area golf map on our package page when planning your trip to make sure your accommodations are near the courses you want to play. There’s nothing wrong with playing both ends of the area from one location, but travel time can make some of the tee times tough to manage. If you’re using a golf packager, he/she can help you greatly with the logistics. Although golfers can play different courses with each trip, many like familiarity and play some of the same courses each time the return.


Since we are a year round destination, you’ll find green grass, even in the winter, on most courses. During the fall season many of the courses do an over seed with rye grass to give golfers the benefit of hitting off lush fairways all year. The fairways begin greening up as the Bermuda goes dormant giving the courses that gorgeous contrast of green fairways against brown dormant rough. Most of the courses have now gone to Bermuda greens. With each renovation we see the bent, paspalum, and older strains of Bermuda being changed out for the newer heat tolerant fine bladed ultra dwarf Bermuda grasses. Grass technology has dramatically improved in the last decade. The new Bermuda strains are not as grainy as the older ones, and roll much better.

Selection Fun and Challenge

Regardless of ones playing skill, golfers enjoy world-class conditions combined with fun and just the right amount of challenge. All courses in the area employ a variety of teeing grounds. There’s a tee box and yardage to fit every golfer’s game. Some courses are the “grip-it-and-rip-it” wide open tracks, and some offer tighter more precise challenges. Mix them up and sample some of everything the area has to offer. We recommend playing the tee boxes suitable for your handicap. Some of our courses can beat you up from the tips, and cost you some lost balls. As mentioned earlier on this page, larger groups will benefit from the assistance of one our the areas experienced packagers. Most the the guys and gals booking  here play the courses on a regular basis, and can help you match up the courses that best suit your handicap.


No matter which end of the the Grand Strand golfers choose as their base, accommodations abound. Booking early will ensure getting the best lodging closest to the courses planned for the trip. Many will choose the convenience of golf villas designed to accommodate groups of all sizes, while others may choose beachfront rooms. Whether being in the heart of the hustle and bustle of all the beach has to offer, or further out in the quieter areas, a Grand Strand Beach vacation offers unmatched choices. Larger groups often opt for condos and houses, but smaller groups (twosomes and foursomes) will find many of the hotels offer great rates during golf season. Golf season is “off season” for the hotels, and there are some great deals to be found.

Shopping, Dining, & Entertainment

Our area has an abundance of shopping, dining, and entertainment. There are literally hundreds of restaurants located along the 60 mile stretch of beach referred to as the Grand Strand. Golfers will enjoy a visit to the large big box golf merchandisers and the many other retail stores and outlets up and down the strand.

Book Early for the Best Deals

Make your Myrtle Beach golf plans early to ensure the best selection. Larger groups will want to book months in advance to not only get the best pricing, but to get their groups in the most desirable locations. If you need assistance with your next vacation check out our Golf Vacation Planner.

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