myrtle-beach-golf-spring-2015Myrtle Beach Golf Spring 2015 Packages Are Up

Myrtle Beach golf Spring 2015 package business for Spring 2015 has (in most cases) increased over last year. Our largest client, East Coast Golf Management is reporting year-to-date average package round increases in the 20% range. Although not every course in the area has seen increases this significant, this is clearly an indication that forward thinking and good marketing can achieve results. And, since other courses are not reporting a decrease over last year, it is most importantly an indication that our golf economy is improving.

What does this mean to you, the golfer? As those of you who booked packages this year have already realized, gone are the days of last minute bookings for groups.  The preferred tee times and lodging go first. To make matters more critical, an increase in rounds and new technology have allowed golf courses to utilize a yield management process that actually increases the cost per round as demand goes up. As a result, getting the best deals means booking earlier. Makes sense…the airlines and other businesses have used this model for years. It was only the struggling golf economy that lead us down the path of cheap last minute rounds. Those last minute deals and late booking specials (48 hour deals) still exist in the off-season, but do not expect to have that luxury when planning your Fall 2015 golf packages and beyond.


Crow Creek Golf # 15 with ryegrass overseed….December 2014

Myrtle Beach Golf Spring 2015 Course Conditions

Although our winter was still tough (for us) it wasn’t as severe as the multiple ice storms of 2014. Golf course conditions are spectacular except for some who (for whatever reason) decided not to do the normal ryegrass overseed this year. I’m having a bit of a problem understanding why any course chooses to sacrifice one of the greatest benefits we offer at the beach…green grass for our visitors to enjoy. Obviously it was an economic decision, and I do understand the pressure courses are under to make a profit. But not overseeding could be a decision that could have some serious consequences for future business. That is, unless all the other courses choose to not overseed in the future. Fortunately only a handful of courses painted their fairways this year. Being a Myrtle Beach transplant, I can tell you that one of the reasons I used to come to the beach in the spring was to play green grass. Yes, the weather is a big plus, but green grass is important. Painted dormant bermuda is not enticing. We would like to hear your feedback on this issue. If you have an opinion, let us know by way of our contact form.

Myrtle Beach Golf Spring 2015 Packaging on

All new for the 2014 and 2015 season jumped into the middle of the Myrtle Beach golf spring 2015 booking business by adding our own golf package feautre. We hired long-time golf packager, Dave Walker (#JustCallDave) to head up that department and enjoyed an active first year. Our goal was to use our digital prowess to attract new golfers to the area. We’re very pleased to announce that almost 20% of our golf package quote requests came from golfers who have NEVER been to Myrtle Beach. We will definitely continue packaging golf and are already booking fall groups. We will also soon add a 48 Hour tee time booking engine to our site for the off-seasons.

To schedule your Fall 2015 golf package visit our golf package planner. Our goal is to make your golf vacation memorable and to earn your business year after year.