Mesquite Golf

Oasis Golf Club – Canyons Course #9

As a former Tennessee hillbilly, and current South Carolina low country dweller, playing Mesquite, Nevada  desert golf for the first time was a real treat! Ok, I’ll admit, for my friends who have already taken exception to the word “former” in my opening statement, I am STILL a hillbilly at heart. So, from that perspective, it was nice to once again experience some elevation changes. Having played the rather flat Myrtle Beach courses for the past 15 years, hitting off the tops of cliffs, and up hills was a welcome experience.  Another welcome experience was seeing my driving length return. In Myrtle Beach, at sea level with lots of humidity, the ball does not carry, and normally gets no bounce and roll off the soft fairways. I saw 20 to 25 yards difference on the average drive, with an occasional more lengthy surprise. Mesquite is approximately 1600 feet above sea level.

Mesquite Golf

Falcon Ridge Golf club # 10

We were in Mesquite to cover the ParaLong Drive World Championship for ING (International Network of Golf).  For the first round of Mesquite Golf we played the Canyons Course at Oasis Golf Club, and the following day, Falcon Ridge Golf Club. The courses were in spectacular shape and each offered a unique experience. The first round was the ParaLong Drive Pro-Am, a scramble format at the Canyons Course. We played with ParaLong Drive competitor Brendon Jacks, and actually won the competition with a smooth little 60 for the round. My team mates for that round, in addition to Brendon, were fellow TGD staffer, Shan Coughlin and fellow ING Member / Golf-writer Bob Oliver from the Philadelphia, PA area. The round at Falcon Ridge was an ING modified stableford tournament that was won by the aforementioned Bob Oliver with 27 points for a + 5. Fellow TGD staffer Shan Coughlin was third with 17 points for a -1. Yours truly did not place in the match failing to hit a single green. I could blame my rental clubs, and the unfamiliar courses and elevations, but in reality it was probably just as my friend and TGD Golf Analyst, Hugh Royer III said, “Don’t try to blame the arrow when the Indian is at fault.” Thanks HR3, I always appreciate your kinds words and support!

For those who haven’t, and would like to experience some Mesquite-style desert golf deals, I highly recommend it. Our fellow ING, member Cody Law at can make that happen for you. Cody and his team have their finger on the Mesquite golf pulse and have some great package deals. We stayed at the CasaBlanca Hotel and Casino while we were there, and visited the Eureka Casino and Resort for some of the festivities. Both these facilities offer fantastic accommodations and golf package pricing that will impress you. And the food is awesome and inexpensive!  We came away with some great memories of Mesquite golf, and will definitely return for more.

Jeff Gilder