Man-Up Bubba Watson – The golf Gossip Girls Return

Man-Up Bubba Watson! Golf Gossip returns with hosts Shan Coughlin and Jamie Ketola, real wives of golf professionals, who like to talk tournaments, fashion, faux pas and more. This edition is the one where Golf Gossip Returns from a short hiatus as the golf season took a break and Jamie had a baby. Congratulations to her and husband, PGA Professional Dale Ketola, on the birth of their daughter Caroline. When asked if Dale had purchased a set of clubs for her yet, Jamie said no but she already has a nine iron with her name engraved on it.  That’s one way to start for sure.

rickie-fowler-high-tops-01-14-styleThis edition gets going with talk of the Waste Management tournament and these ladies start the ball rolling with information and opinions on Ricky Fowler’s performance and fashion sense. Joggers….in golf….are you serious?  Come on Puma, what are you thinking?  Coupled with his high tops, which really belong on the basketball court and not the golf course in our opinion, this fashion statement looked more like he had rolled up his skinny jeans and was going to the movies instead of playing golf.  But hey, Jason Day said it was a good look, which just made these two scratch their heads harder.  Shan mentioned that the representative for Puma she talked to at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando just last month said that they had not planned to bring them to the show at all and offer them to golf shops.  However, with a win at Kapalua, they did get approval for about 15,000 pair to be sold and had “a few” orders.  When pressed by Jamie, Shan said that if it will bring in younger players or the hipsters, why not? They clearly disagree on this topic but that’s what makes this show fun to listen to.

Man-Up Bubba WatsonNext topic was the noise level and appropriateness of the grand stands on the 16th hole at the Waste Management tournament.  Shan said that they HAD to go next year and that it was one of the must see at least once events.  Jamie agreed but said it was a true departure from the more stoic and serious major tournaments.  They talked about how this social climate had such a great impact on the event overall.  The PR is phenomenal surrounding this party atmosphere and maybe this is what golf needs.  It may need a more social atmosphere to make it a “cool” place to be.  As Jamie and Shan considered other tournaments throughout the year, they mentioned what makes Augusta great is not only the players and the incredible shots that have to happen to score well, but the fact that we know more about the egg salad there than most 5 star restaurant dishes.  The tournaments that are truly “cool” are ones that have a non-golf aspect that is a must experience.  Stay tuned as they look for more of these opportunities throughout the year.

Man Up Monday

There are two:  Cam Newton and Bubba Watson.  Cam Newton was named for walking out of his press conference after Super Bowl 50.  Bubba was named for wining after winning a substantial pay check for playing a game he loves in a place that is phenomenal. So, Man-Up Bubba Watson!  To both of these men – Grow Up and take responsibility for your actions and remember what your responsibilities are for Pete’s sake.  Don’t wine because your sponsors want you to play in a tournament where the weather is beautiful and you win money.  Check your $875,000 watch and show up on time too…we don’t feel for you.

Man Crush Monday

David Feherty, the girls have named you Man Crush Monday because you are funny, smart and a bit sexy too.  Listen in as they talk about this crush.

Pro You Don’t Know

Last but not least, the pro you don’t know is Mark Wilson from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  As a PGA Professional who isn’t given much press on tour, get to know him as he holds a spot many wish they had earned and are competing for day in and day out.  Here is a link to his profile:  CLICK HERE.

The ladies covered much more like the Zurich Golf Love commercials so be sure to listen to the whole show.  If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to [email protected] and they will address them on the next show. Thank you for listening and have a great day on the fairways!

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