An already special Baja resort that endured a difficult road thanks to Mother Nature, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica rallied behind Quivira Golf Club to add an equally special attraction.  This addition put it squarely back on the travel industry radar.

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica rests along a perfect stretch of warm water beach near land’s end on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. A resort dedicated exclusively to a low key, recharging atmosphere fueled by the sun and welcoming sea. Sadly, that same sea drove Hurricane Odile to Baja this past autumn. A region that rarely sees such major storms sat without power for three weeks as local residents struggled to survive without tourism and travel income flowing its way.

Enduring Hurricane Odile

The region’s communities pulled together to begin the recovery process, and Pueblo Bonito emerged as an anchor for the region. Protected by modern technology and topographical protection from the storm, the resort was back on its feet quickly, offering support services to the area while Cabo pulled itself back together.

Now emerging from its latest renovation, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica was running at full speed when it invited a group of travel writers down to explore its environment. Equipped with a full service spa, a network of swimming pools, multiple bars, restaurants and ample space for guests to enjoy either poolside sun or beachfront relaxation, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica is all-inclusive — allowing its lucky guests to enter a fantasy world where top shelf travel amenities are at one’s immediate disposal.

Dinner on the Beach

A prime example of Pueblo Bonito’s otherworldly vibe is its beach dinners. A tasteful, hearty buffet awaits long community tables under the stars as the surf rolls nearby. Cirque-style entertainment brings fire dancers and jugglers to the diners, while cabanas and bonfires await in the distance with after dinner drinks.

With the hurricane in the rear view, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica unveiled its latest major attraction — the adjoining Quivira Golf Club. Designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus (who was on hand for the course’s opening), Quivira is a gorgeous, friendly resort course designed and built to take full advantage of its seaside environs.

The Jack Nicklaus Touch

In keeping with the standard Nicklaus design philosophies, Quivira is challenging, but fun. The Golden Bear never wants to make a course so challenging that resort players can’t enjoy at least some of the holes. So, he likes bowl-edged fairways and approaches that give a decent player a good shot at getting on in regulation.

My favorite hole features a par four, hard dogleg left, downhill to an ocean cliff. However, the green is also reachable in one over the ocean for a player with an ambitious driver. Those who lay up and play downhill to the green get an amazing view even if he or she blows the easy popup shot to the green.

Quivira Golf Club

During a press conference to open Quivira’s course, Nicklaus said 18 holes may have a few tune-ups coming — though he’s pleased with the initial result. “Well, I would describe the golf course as one that’s taken a long time to get done to start with, but one that’s been well worth the wait,” Nicklaus said. “It’s a golf course that’s very pretty. It’s got some very, very unusual, spectacular golf shots on it. It’s got some difficult shots. It’s got some easy shots. It’s got obviously great terrain.”

“Most of all it’s got some absolutely unbelievable vistas.  The views from the golf course are really beautiful.”

In keeping with Pueblo Bonito Pacifica’s all-inclusive philosophies, Quivira is studded with multiple Comfort Stops. While an average course offers cart girls with a few beers and a bag of chips, Quivira’s Comfort Stops offer waiter service and a different menu at every spot. A pretty golf course is always enhanced by a roast beef slider.