Everyone in the golf business, especially in Myrtle Beach,  is trying to avoid degrading perceived round value and the discount golf reputation. The situation,  brought on by over-building courses, followed by a tough recession, and stagnant growth in the game, has an always tough business struggling to compete for golfers’ time and discretionary dollars. What is the answer? How does one protect round value and attract play in the most competitive golf environment in history of the sport?

It’s certainly not the only answer, and perhaps not one with an immediate return, but at least one way to combat the situation is to never take for granted the value of Myrtle Beach golf. This area is still a golf mecca filled with some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the world. Nothing has changed that fact. There’s plenty of value in the core of the product. In addition to golf quality and variety, the Myrtle Beach area offers pristine conditions, great weather, unmatched accommodations, countless attractions, world-class dining, and of all things…a beach!.

There are very few more accessible golf destinations in the world, and none that offer everything a Myrtle Beach golf vacation can deliver. Sometimes it’s hard to believe just how spoiled we’ve become to consider anything but a non-stop airline connection a disadvantage. Really? We have some friends who have been coming to Myrtle Beach from Switzerland every year for almost 20 years. They play golf in many other golf destinations and often have commented that one reason they come to Myrtle Beach is the ease of getting here….combined with variety and quality golf courses.

When one considers the virtually limitless possibilities for golf and accommodations variety, the Grand Strand golf industry has an unmatched advantage. Whether the trip is all about budget, all about variety, or all about quality, those choices are easily accommodated. Yet….we see almost every golf provider booking for Myrtle Beach offering basically the same stuff. When that situation occurs, it becomes all about price. Where’s the salesmanship? Where’s the creativity? There is no way possible that every golfer interested in playing Myrtle Beach golf courses fits into the limited number of boxes we have been offering.

The discount golf situation in Myrtle Beach, though severely affected by the economic factors mentioned earlier,  is also somewhat self-inflicted. I know that statement may ruffle a few feathers, but it is true. Somewhere along the way, the courses’ livelihoods became too dependent upon golf providers.  In a more perfect world, a golf course should be able to establish the minimum rate at which they can continue to offer an exceptional product, and the providers should figure out how to sell it.   Courses can’t survive selling unprofitable rounds and no one wants to see any course struggle and ultimately fail. Nor can the practice of competing to see who can add the most freebees ever pay off long-term. We have a valuable product that should not be allowed to become a commodity. There’s value in every round played on a Myrtle Beach golf course. To come play golf with us visit the Myrtle Beach golf packages page at The Golf Director.