On this episode of Golf Gossip, hosts Shan Coughlin and Jamie Ketola share news from the U.S. Open, including the things they loved, disliked and just could not believe. If you missed coverage of the event, then let the Real Wives of Golf Professionals get you up to speed.

Coughlin and Ketola start the show with the segment, “The Pro You Don’t Know,” which features 27th in the world, Brenden Grace of Pretoria, South Africa. Playing well in the U.S. Open, shooting a 69, 67, 70 and 71, how come we’ve never heard of him? This season, he has come in with three top-10 finishes and made the cut in seven out of the eight events he’s played. Get the full scoop on Grace by listening to the full show above.

On a positive note, Coughlin and Ketola commend 22-year-old Jordan Spieth on his ability to answer all sorts of questions with poise and maturity. Additionally, the hosts were blown away by Spieth’s focus on and off the course. This kid is America’s Sweetheart and definitely someone people can look up to. With family present and his girlfriend cheering him on, Spieth played a great game at the Open and was a breath of fresh air!

The Real Wives of Golf Professionals move on to mention some things they did not care for about the U.S. Open, including Rickie Fowler’s entrance with girlfriend Alexis Randock, which was, in a word, flagrant. Also Bill Horschel is on the list for throwing tantrums, despite shooting a 67. Pro sports don’t need crybabies – they all have them, but get over it.

Chris Kirk took five of the same shots to hit it onto the green on one of his holes and the fifth chip finally stayed on green. He just kept hitting the same shot over and over.

Another issue, which everyone can agree on, was the poor coverage by Fox Sports. Missing important video shots, spending too much time following players, taking very choppy footage, microphone issues and never finding the ball were just some of the problems Fox Sports had covering the Open. Although it was only the company’s first year covering this event, it was a complete epic fail.

The discussion moves on to Holly Sonders, and Coughlin and Ketola both agree that while she has a fantastic golf resume, they were not happy with the inappropriateness of her wardrobe choices, which only seemed to contribute to awkward and uncomfortable interviews. Coughlin shared some of the Tweets that were posted in response to Sonders’ broadcasting and apparel and most of them are funny and all too true.

A final topic covered on this episode of Golf Gossip was the performance by Australian professional Jason Day, shooting a 68 despite suffering from symptoms of vertigo, and not complaining or making excuses about it. The ladies agree some of the other players would have certainly withdrawn, but Day stuck it out.

The next big event coming up July 16th through 20th is the Open at St. Andrews, which will give the Real Wives of Golf Professionals plenty to discuss. In the meantime, tune in for the next edition of Golf Gossip to stay updated on all the latest going on in the golf world.