Golf Gossip hosted by Shan Coughlin and Jamie Ketola teed off once again on some of the drama of the PGA Tour this week.  However, these real wives of golf professionals did have some feel-good news coming in from left field to bring some semblance of balance to this entertaining and sometimes controversial talk show.  Listen as they give Tiger some props, as he deserves, for taking the time to write to a grief stricken teen actually driven by bullying to attempt suicide.  Ron Sirak recently wrote about this boy, a huge fan of Tiger Woods, who had been bullied for his stuttering problem.   The boy’s mom, desperately searching for something to hold on to, actually wrote to Sirak’s friend Sophie Gustafson and told her that he was a huge Tiger Woods fan, that he continued to watch him on TV and asked that Tiger be told this boy’s story and that he was a fan.  Tiger then wrote a letter of encouragement to the boy which I think we can all agree is one of the best things we’ve heard about TW in a long time.  This, of course, coming off the big break up which is now reportedly due to Tiger’s cheating….AGAIN!  Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay, sorry to say that most of the world is now saying, “We told you so.”.

Rickie and AlexisSpeaking of professional golfers and their girlfriends, following The Players championship in Jacksonville, you would think everyone would be talking about that fantastic back nine Rickie Fowler had which culminated in an exciting playoff win, but no, everyone is talking about Alexis Randock – his girlfriend – and what she was, or rather, wasn’t wearing during their make-out session following his win.  It was so over the top, even Erin Walker, wife of professional Jimmy Walker tweeted (@tourwifetravels) “@jimmywalkerPGA — we need to work on our post win kisses. Get it @RickieFowlerPGA #yowza!”  And the outfit….you’ll have to listen to the show to hear more about that.

Another feel-good story this week is one of Rory McIlroy winning on and off the course.  A South Carolina native and member of her high school golf team, Grace Vaughan, had one of her dreams comLouie Dufnere true on the Wednesday Pro Am day at the Wells Fargo Championship when she played a round of golf with Rory.   Suffering from a rare blood disorder, Vaughan, 16, won the opportunity to golf with Rory by her entry into an essay contest put on by Wells Fargo.  Her essay talked about how she struggled to fit in at school and how she found strength and confidence after a getaway to Camp Courage.

Finally, the ladies give a hard time to Duffner’s ex-wife for rubbing poor Jason’s face in the fact that she not only took the money but also his dog and they have been living it up posting bikini picks from yachts, having a ball at parties and everywhere in between.  Poor Jason’s just trying to pay the bills for the two homes he got in the settlement and he has not been playing well.  His best finish coming in at the Honda Classic where he tied for 17th.  One writer’s warning – “the hotter they are on IG, the better the chance she’s taking your a$$ to the cleaners. Choose that IG model carefully.”  Oh Jason, we hope you find a way.