Major Ed Pulido of the Folds of Honor Foundation and Bill Pearson from the Tidewater Charity Tournament organization join host Shan Coughlin to talk about the ever expanding event schedule planned over the Labor Day Weekend to benefit the Folds of Honor Foundation and other local charities in Horry County.  The ‘main event’ is a scramble golf tournament on Labor Day at Tidewater Golf Club and surrounding events include the Grand Strand Bowling for Vets at Little River Lanes on September 4th, a Zumbathon with Sara McGrail at the Little River Methodist Church, Long Drive Show with William Hinson, Golf Clinic with Meredith Kirk, and of course the Tournament itself complete with opening ceremonies and awards luncheon.  In it’s eleventh year, this event has grown and last year gave over $25,000 to the charities.  That is amazing considering what it takes to put on an event such as this.

Major Ed Pulido’s children were one of the first recipients of a Folds of Honor scholarship.  Founded by PGA member Major Dan Rooney, who tells you the story of his inspiration in the video below, The Folds of Honor Foundation strives to leave no one behind including the families of fallen and wounded soldiers.  One of the main concerns is for children’s education, so The Folds of Honor awards scholarships in the amount of $5000 to be used to educate these kids.  It all started with the request that golf clubs donate $1 from every tee time on Labor Day and it has grown into so much more including events like the one the Bill directs each year at Tidewater Golf Club.  Look for information in your own area about Patriot Golf Day and get involved.  You can find more information about the event at Tidewater by going to their website at  When you see how these scholarships impact the families of our National heroes who have given of themselves for our freedoms, you will want to be involved in some way.


To hear this entire interview, click on the player above.  Major Ed has also left two signed copies of his book with Shan which will be sent to the first two people to email her at [email protected] or [email protected].  Major Ed has been with the Folds of Honor and Major Dan since the beginning, growing the awareness, the funding and the pride this organization exudes.  From NASCAR events, to golf events with Presidents, to local events like the one is small town North Myrtle Beach, these men will go where they are wanted to extend a hand, give a coin and say Thank You when it is really us who need to continually thank them.  We must also give a shout out to the golf professionals of the Carolinas Section of the PGA who to date has been the largest fundraiser for this organization raising over $1.1 million.  If you cannot find an event in your area, ask your local PGA professional to look into it.  It can be as simple as a donation box on the counter on Labor Day to a fun event involving a bit more effort.  But every effort is worth it.  Hit’em straight and we hope to see you in the fairways – especially at a local Patriot Golf Day event.