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Devereux Mens Golf Attire

Host of this edition of The Golf Director’s Product Showcase, Shan Coughlin, welcomes co-founder and owner of Devereux Proper Threads, Robert Brunner to talk about what makes Devereux the line of mens apparel that gets it.  While the holiday season is the time to take advantage of those great sale specific days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Devereux always delivers great value with their stylish designs and contemporary fabrics that really sets them apart.  For those of us who love a deal all year long, not just during the holidays, check out their SALE tab on the website httpss://

Founded in 2013 by golf enthusiast brothers Robert and Will Brunner, named for their Grandmother who they still consider very stylish as Robert told Shan in this interview, Devereux’s mission is to give the avid golfer quality modern menswear that fits their lifestyle while keeping style and authenticity embedded in the product.   Robert explained that he and his brother would often leave the golf course needing to change before meeting friends and significant others out for a drink or bite to eat and they felt the need for clothing that could be appropriate for both settings without looking out of place at either venue.   Thus this line of menswear was born and to quote from the website, it is “Specifically tailored to move seamlessly from workday to weekend and beyond.  The Devereux line is all about modern sophistication, everyday elegance and simple versatility.  These are clothes you can wear confidently, comfortably and above all – they make you look as great as they make you feel.”

Devereux Mens Apparel

Devereux Proper Threads

As you look through their website, their new look book shows off the newest of the Devereux line.  The 1950’s Miami influenced styling creates a look and feel like you are living the high life in a place and time of affluence and couture which includes the saying – Make it Simple, but Significant.  Superb fit and fabrics will make you feel relevant, comfortable and confident as you step up to the tee or out on the town.  Find your look in Devereux Proper Threads.

Hear Shan and Robert’s full interview by clicking the player above and don’t forget to check out the look book on their website at httpss://  This edition of The Golf Director’s Product Showcase on Devereux Proper Threads – Mens Apparel That Gets It with Co-Founder and Owner Robert Brunner was produced and broadcast on The Zeus Radio Network.  Look for The Golf Director on TuneIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel at httpsss://