Beachwood Golf Club February 2016 Update

Kevin Lawson brings us the Beachwood Golf Club February 2016 Update on this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand.  Host Shan Coughlin joins him on site by the practice putting green in front of the palmetto trees on a beautiful February day to talk about the most current information.  The Golf is excited to again be bringing you the updates from Beachwood Golf Club.

beachwoodaLocated in Sunny North Myrtle Beach South Carolina right on the main thoroughfare, Highway 17, this facility is built for fun with its wide fairways, approachable green and superb conditioning.  Don’t get drawn it to thinking a birdie is available on every hole because there are a few, including a 570 yard double dog leg that will jump up and bite you if you aren’t paying attention.  One thing golfers rave about when they talk about Beachwood is the fact that they are always (well, almost always) riding the fairways.  Kevin tells Shan, “Its because we drain the best of any course.  The sandy soil is great for that.”  This allows for quicker rounds and combined with the attributes mentioned above, a lot of fun.

This location, which is on the south end of North Myrtle Beach just 10 minutes from central Myrtle Beach and Little River to the north, also allows golfers to find the course easier.  It also sets up great if they are heading back to the beach with their family or need to sneak in a round after or before work.  Lunch hour may push the envelope, but as Shan mentions, Beachwood does have the best hot dog on  he beach.

Beachwood GolfShan asks Kevin about the conditions since she notes the course looks to be in perfect shape.  Kevin explains that most of the courses in the area, including Beachwood, have Bermuda grass in the fairways and most of them have it on the greens.  This year, the Bermuda stayed green longer than normal so with the Rye grass overseed, there is an even more lush appearance than normal.  With the dormant roughs, this bright green contrast in the fairways gives golfers a true target for perfect playing conditions.  Looking to the future, Keven says there are some renovations on the horizon including landscape work, new sand in the bunkers, and other cosmetic fixes.  Stay tuned to learn more about those in the coming months.


For the best information on how to play Beachwood Golf Club, visit their website,  They put the best daily rates on there and you can also book right online.   If you are planning a golf vacation to the area, ask for the PGA Package (Play Golf Again).  Beachwood, along with 20ish other courses participate and when you book 4, 5, or 6 rounds, each golfer in your group receives a gift card.  This gift card of $100 (for 4 rounds), $150 (for 5 rounds) or $200 (for 6 rounds) can be used at any of the participating courses for replays, lunch, beverages, apparels, gifts, etc.  Shan and Kevin discuss how they have seen players play their round of golf, eat lunch, enjoy a few beverages and then go back out for a replay without ever coming out of pocket.

Thank you for interacting with and we’ll see you on the fairways.