FlingGolfLogoAlex Van Alen, Founder and CEO of PlusOne Sports/FlingGolf™ joins host Shan Coughlin on this edition of Amateur Golf Talk LIVE.  So they are not exactly talking about traditional golf but just one more way to bring those non-golfers out to the course to have some fun either on their own or side by side with family or friends playing traditional golf.  Picture lacrosse joining golf, the way FootGolf joined soccer and golf.

FlingGolf 1FlingGolf3According to their website, flinggolf.com, Alex’s background has been in the conservation and recreation fields. Before developing FlingGolf™, he was played a key role in bringing the first sled dog race in 30 years to eastern Massachusetts as well as developing a popular running, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking event.  In this interview, he tells Shan that his vision is that FlingGolf™ is the coolest and most fun thing that’s ever been done on a golf course.
There are several advantages to the game that Alex mentions.  One important one is that it requires less equipment.  The game of FlingGolf™ is played with the FlingStick™ and a couple of balls.  For the participant, there is only one “club” to buy and master.  No gloves are recommended, no tees and other than length, all competitors play with the same equipment so there is no purchased advantage.  Plus, anyone can make a throwing motion.  It is easy to learn and there are simple rules to follow.  You can even talk in someones backswing if you like.  It is even encouraged.  Here are the only rules:

SCORING: Count your flings from the tee to hole.

TEE SHOTS: Take several steps back and fling the ball before you reach the tee marker.

FURTHER SHOTS: Mark your ball where it lies, then take up to five steps back along the line your ball traveled, and release the ball before you reach your mark.

ON THE GREEN: From where the ball lies on the green, push or roll it towards the hole with either the FlingStick’s putting notch or the channel.

PENALTIES: If your ball lands in a sand bunker or a water hazard, or goes out of bounds or is lost, take a one-stroke penalty. Then: Sand bunker – Remove the ball from the bunker and retreat up to 5 paces from the bunker along the line your ball traveled. Release the ball before reaching the bunker. Water Hazards, out-of-bounds, or lost ball – Release the ball from a point on the line, up to 5 paces back, that that the ball went in to the hazard or out of bounds.

If you think traditionalists will be rolling their eyes and fighting this edition to the death, this is what Walt Lankau, former National Golf Course Owners Association President and Golf Course Owner had to say:  “FlingGolf is an amazing addition to the game of golf. And The FlingStick is just a blast to play with.”

Hear the entire interview by clicking HERE.  You can also download it to your smart device for listen on demand.  For additional information on FlingGolf™, check out their website at flinggolf.com by CLICKING HERE.

See Scott Adams introducing FlingGolf in their video here: