Dean Jarvis

Amputee Long Drive Championship Founder Dean Jarvis

The ParaLong Drive World Championship was born when Amputee Long Drive Championship (ALDC)  founder  Dean Jarvis’ expanded the competition to include blind and paralyzed athletes.  Dean, an “above-the-knee” amputee himself, has a deep love for the game of golf. That love is only surpassed by his passion to introduce long drive competition to the world with any interested “differently-abled” competitor he can find.  The ParaLong Drive World Championship competitors this year were made up of several divisions from 9 countries. Here is how they finished after competition October 16th and 17th at the Mesquite, Nevada Sports and Event Complex:

2014 ParaLong Drive World Championship Winners

Military-wounded in action: Ivgi Shlomo, Netanya, Israel 225 yards
Age 45-49: Rene Olgers, Aalsmeer, Netherlands 296 yards
Age 50-54: Anthony Netto, Capetown, South Africa/San Diego 297 yards
Age 55+: Bill Davis, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. 290 yards
Triple Amputee: Paul Hebert, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada 239 yards
Traumatic Brain Injury: Humberto Reyna, Liberty, NC 255 yards
Hypermobile: Rene Olgers, Aalsmeer, Netherlands 296 yards
Women-One-Arm Unassisted: Kellie Valentine, Erie, Pa. 224 yards
Women-One-Arm Assisted: Tineke Loogman, Aalsmeer, Netherlands 217 yards
Women-One-Leg Below Knee: Kim Moore, South Bend, Ind. 242 yards
Wheelchair: Dave Sawtell, Queensland, Australia 199 yards
Paramobile, 1-Arm: Matt Farmen, Denver, Colo. 201 yards
Paramobile, 2-Arm: Anthony Netto, Capetown, South Africa/San Diego 289 yards
Blind/Vision Impaired: Scott Aughtry, Hot Springs Village, Ark. 313 yards
One-Arm & Leg: Bill Frey, Goshen, Ky. 245 yards
One-Arm Unassisted: Alan Gentry, Louisville, Ky. 275 yards
One-Arm Assisted: John Rogers, Apopka, Fl. 285 yards
One-Leg Above Knee: Christian Sidebottom, Phoenix, AZ 252 yards
Two-Leg Below Knee: Jared Brentz, Nashville 360 yards
One-Leg Below Knee: Josh Williams, Kitchener, Canada 322 yards


2014 Paralong Drive World Champion Jared Brentz

2014 Paralong Drive World Champion Jared Brentz

After several rounds of competition, spectators saw the top 6 athletes competing for the Open World title. It came down to Jared Brentz  and Tim Herman  banging it out for the prestigious title. Jared Brentz bombed a 360 yard drive in the final pairing to take the win and become the 2014 ParaLong Drive World Champion. “I heard that Tim had hit some really good shots,” remarked Brentz in the post-competition ING Press Conference. “I knew he was going to be tough to beat. When I walked away from the tee, I didn’t think I had won. It really means a lot that the city of Mesquite put all this on for us. We had over 60 athletes here.” Jarod’s longest drive in competition so far, is 409 yards. He says his short game isn’t too bad, and plans to go to work on that now that the championship is over.

“The City of Mesquite, Nevada has been hosting the Remax Long Drive Championships for a couple of decades,”  said Geno Whithelder, Council member for the City of Mesquite. “When Dean Jarvis came and asked us to consider hosting this event, we thought it was a great idea and a great fit for Mesquite. The support from the people of this city has been remarkable. They come in numbers to volunteer their time and rally behind the cause…whatever it may be. Some of the same people who volunteer at the Remax Long Drive Championship, also volunteered for this 2014 ParaLong Drive World Championship event. The businesses, like the Eureka Casino Resort and Cody Law at Golf Mesquite Nevada, along with people like , Anthony Netto of the United We Stand – Stand Up and Play Foundation, stepped up to support and sponsor the event. We have a good thing going on here! It’s going to just get bigger and better each year.”

Easton LaChapplle at the 2014 Paralong Drive World Championship

Easton LaChapplle

Dean Jarvis, who is from Maryville, TN says he uses the ALDC and the ParaLong Drive World Championship to drive golf balls…and innovation. Part of the festivities at this year’s championship event included a technology presentation at the Eureka Casino and Resort where presenters like 18 year old phenom inventor, Easton LaChappelle, explained how he used 3D printing and brain wave technologies to develop an inexpensive prosthetic. At the age of 14 LaChappelle entered a science fair with an earlier version of his invention when he saw a young girl wearing a $30,000 prosthetic arm and learned from her parents she would need 2 to 3 more as she grows. LaChappelle says that was his “Ah Ha” moment. His hi-tech prosthetic device will cost a fraction of current models. In addition to the prosthetic arm, LaChappelle is working on a full-body device that will allow paraplegics to walk. After a friend suffered an injury in a car accident leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, LaChappelle went to work on a new invention.  He hopes this device will allow his friend walk across the stage to get his high school diploma. “That graduation is months away, and the project is on schedule,” reports LaChapelle.

The 2014 ParaLong Drive World Championship is more than just an athletic competition. It is an inspiring display of courage, determination, support, and innovation. To quote Eureka Casino and Resort CEO, Andre Carrier, “The world needs more of this!” One cannot walk away from this event without being inspired by this amazing group of determined athletes whose focus is on ability rather than disability. Congratulations go to Jared Brentz, and all the competitors. Each one is a winner! Kudos to Dean Jarvis, the City of Mesquite, Nevada, and their citizens, supporters, and sponsors who have gotten behind this effort. There are many behind the scenes who supported the event and are not named here that deserve an ovation. But, this report would not be complete without recognizing the City of Mesquite, Athletic Director, Brian Dangerfield, whose energy, passion, and leadership helped make the 2014 Paralong Drive Championship a huge success. For more information about this event go to httpss:// and to Dean Jarvis’ foundation website at httpss://


Thanks to the 2014 Paralong Drive Championship Sponsors

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