Custom Golf Vacations

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4 Rounds 4 Nights

4 Round Deal 4 Rounds 4 Nights From $285/Player *FREE $100 Gift Card when including certain courses. Ask The golf Director for details. Get...

5 Rounds 5 Nights

5 Night Deal 5 Rounds 5 Nights And $150 Gift Card Possible From $330/Player *FREE $150 Gift Card when including certain courses. Ask The golf Director for details. Get...

6 Rounds Golf Only

6 Round Deal 6 Rounds golf Only With $200 gift Card Possible from $ 266/Player *FREE $200 Gift Card when including certain courses. Ask The golf Director for details. Get...


myrtle-beach-golf-news-informationMyrtle Beach Golf Course News and Information

The Golf Director (TGD) is a multimedia Myrtle Beach golf course news and information interactive entertainment network. TGD is property of iNetGolf, LLC. TGD delivers live streaming and on-demand golf talk radio and TV programming 24/7 to a global golf audience. TGD's audience is developing in over 165 countries and territories, all 50 United States, and over 25,000 cities. Through TGD's deployment network all it's content is available to over 1 Billion mobile,  home, and office set top, desktop, gaming, television, and other smart devices.

golf-news-informationInnovative Golf Marketing Solutions

iNetGolf and The Golf Director (TGD) offer innovative and robust golf marketing solutions for golf courses and other golf partners including photography, videography, content creation, branding, PR, and website development. Advancements in technology have changed the way golfers search, socialize, and interact. Bridging the gap between tradition and the evolution of digital marketing is accomplished through innovation and the ability to imagine, create and deliver a comprehensive message to a targeted audience. Preparing the golf industry for tomorrow's savvy shoppers is the TGD mission.


Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

Booking myrtle beach golf packages is a natural fit for TGD. Through golf course partnerships and a growing golf specific audience, the relationships are in place and the connection is as easy as a click or a call. The TGD staff is trained and experienced to help golfers determine the best places to play, eat, sleep, and be entertained based on their vacation budget and goals. The staff at TGD considers location, efficiency, and even playing skills to develop each custom golf vacation. Golf should be fun! Don't settle for the boundaries and limits imposed by pre-packaged vacations. It is just as efficient to have it your way. Let the fun begin here! Give us a call at 844.GoGolf1 (844.464.6531) or click the help desk link at the bottom of this page. Get the latest, and most comprehensive myrtle beach golf course news, conditions, and deals on TGD Featured Golf Course pages HERE. Start planning your next golf vacation on our Myrtle Beach golf packages page.

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