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We caught up with our friends at Zero Friction on Friday at the PGA Merchandise Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.  We were lucky to get a few minutes with National Sales Manager, Joe Jung, right in his booth on the floor.

For years, golf course pro shops and golf shops alike were only offering white golf gloves.  With gloves coming in different sizes and types, the shops only had room for white gloves in their inventory to accommodate all the sizes.  That presented a problem in today’s world of golf fashion where color and style is more prevalent than ever.

The folks at Zero Friction have solved that problem.  The Zero Friction glove is available in a wide assortment of colors like red, blue, orange, green, black and more.  This makes the golf shop much more colorful and allows golfers to really show off their style.

Joe was happy to fill us in on what is happening with Zero Friction in 2016.  World Golf Hall of Famer, Johnny Miller, has partnered with the crew at Zero Friction.  Not only is he now a spokesperson but he also helped create the revolutionary new Motion-Fit Glove.

Miller is a 25-time winner on the PGA Tour including two major championships.  His Motion-Fit Glove features compression-fit technology in premium cabretta leather.

Through wear, the glove expands and molds to your hand.  The gloves does not stiffen up.   In fact, the Zero Friction glove will return to its original form until you put your hand back in it.  It stays as soft and smooth as the first round played in it.

In addition, your hand will not sweat in the glove due to the lycra material in the glove.  So it keeps the glove dry.  There is not fear of the dreaded “claw” that other gloves turn into in your golf bag between rounds.  As golfers we all know that there is nothing worse than putting on a hard, crusty glove to start your round.

The durability of the Zero Friction glove is a huge selling point that all golfers will love.  The incredible design not only lends to comfort and feel but it also adds long life to the glove.  You can enjoy round after round after round of golf without the worry of the glove wearing thin or getting slick on the palm or fingers.  Each glove also comes with a Zero Friction tee and ball marker.

Zero Friction has gloves for all golfers!  In addition to the men’s lines of gloves there are women’s and youth gloves as well.  If you are a golfer Zero Friction has a glove for you.

Visit for more information and to order your glove today. Read more about Zero Friction HERE.