Do you want to know what’s really wrong with Tiger Woods…and his swing? Former tour player and current teaching professional, Hugh Royer III (HR3) has had enough of the ill-informed chatter coming from social media. This is a side of HR3 we haven’t seen as he speaks his mind about what he thinks Tiger needs to do to get back in the game. And yes, HR3 thinks Tiger is certainly capable of another run. But, he needs to get back to the basics and forget about numbers so much, and get back to playing it out of the dirt.

HR3 played with Tiger as a rookie and considers him a friend. Having grown up around the tour, he followed his father’s footsteps and played 14 years as a professional before health issues sidelined him from competition. Currently he is an accomplished instructor and teaches/coaches golfers of all ages his well-honed methods. So, rest assured, HR3 is coming from a well-informed perspective. He very clearly states, “You can’t know what Tiger needs to do unless you’ve been there when the bell rings!” Sounds like he is agreeing with Rocco Mediate, Brandel Chamblee, and others who have stated Tiger needs to be instructed by someone who has actually played the game.

“Tiger has lost touch with what makes him a great golfer,” states Royer. “Golf has become too robotic. Too geeky. Golf is played in the dirt. He is relying too much on machines and not enough on the feel that comes from getting out there on the practice tee and on the course and hitting balls. He’s rusty…now question! But, you can’t take the numbers from a machine and think you’re ready to go play competitive golf. Use your monitors for clubhead speed, launch angle, ball speed, spin rate and to see if your equipment is right. You can’t teach yourself to swing on a machine. You have to get out on the range and work on pace, tempo, and feel. In my opinion, if you’re going to teach it, you need to be able to play it. Everybody is worried too much about how far they hit the ball. You have 13 clubs and a putter in the bag. Use them all, because all that matters is the number you write in the little box on the scorecard. Tiger, check your ego at the door. Go out and adapt to the game that allows you to play the best golf. It doesn’t matter how far you hit the ball.”

Watch the video or listen to the podcast and determine if you agree with Mr. Royer, or if you take your place with those who share other opinions. Bottom line, one of the best talents who has ever played the game went out and shot a 44 on nine holes and an 82 form the round. Is it over? Or, does Tiger Woods have another run in him?