True Blue Golf Club 2 On this edition of Tee it UP Grand Strand, host Shan Coughlin rides in to True Blue Golf Club with PGA Head Golf Professional Bart Romano on the very fun and popular Golfboard for the True Blue Golf Club March 2016 Update.  Technology in the Golf industry touches every aspect of the game from range finders showing the exact distance to the hole, to different weighting systems in the club heads adding distance and accuracy, to how golfers get around the course.  Each technological improvement has one goal, to make the game more enjoyable for golfers and some argue that none has done this quite as effectively as the Golfboard.

Bart tells Shan that they first saw the Golfboards at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Florida a couple of years ago.  While their interest was peaked, it True Blue Golf Boardswas difficult to tell how they would work in the marketplace along the Grand Strand.  They made the decision to bring them in last November and have never looked back.  The Golfboards have been well received by the members and guests alike.  Bart told Shan that getting ready for this interview, they had them out at the bag drop and two guys “had to have them” for their round.  They had never seen them before but got hooked before they even tried them out.

Shan asked Bart about how long it took golfers to “get the hang of it”.  He told here that there is a six minute safety video each rider is required to watch and then the staff gives them a quick tutorial.  There is only one switch, go, which is controlled by the thumb and when it is released, the board stops.  The wheels do not turn, but the Golfboard turns based on how much the rider leans in one direction or the other.  Bart said that unless a person falls and pulls the True Blue Golf Clubboard on top of them, they do not tip over.  One benefit then have noticed and been told by multiple golfers, the boards are so much fun that players almost forget they are playing golf.  They just want to ride up to their ball, hit it, and then get back on the Golfboard and ride around.  Bart said it usually takes one hole for golfers to get the hang of it.

Another benefit of the Golfboards for the course and the player is that they have a 77% smaller footprint than a typical golf cart.  This means that riders can take them closer to the greens, closer to the tee boxes and they can go out after wet conditions a lot sooner that a regular golf cart.  When tracking them, Bart says a group plays up to 30 minutes faster using the Golfboards.  Another reason for this is that each person has their own transportation so there isn’t a two some trying to get to two different spots on the course to hit their shots.


Shan and Bart do get around to talking a little about the course too.  It is spring golf season and the course itself is in great shape.  For more information on the course, the Golfboards and golf vacations, visit their website at  To book the Golfboards, call or email the golf shop directly.  True Blue Golf Club has even has one group who flew in, played 36 holes of golf and flew home all in the same day just to experience the Golfboards.  They are that much fun!

Bart says, “We weren’t sure who would be more interested in the Golfboards, if it would just be attractive to a younger clientele, but we have some of our guests and members well up into their 60’s who have a great time, even one who is 75.”  So this year as golfers are trying out new technology, look for courses who have the new Golfboards and give it a try.  Do we hear, “Surfs up” on the fairways?