Da Vinci Sports - Total Golf TrainerDa Vinci Sports – Total Golf Trainer

The Total Golf Trainer (TGT) has been developed by Michael Gish, Jim McLean “Master Instructor” and Dale Dawson the founders of Da Vinci Sports.  We had the awesome opportunity to get an up close and personal look at the TGT with Mike and Dale at The PGA Show in Orlando last week.

The Total Golf Trainer is an all-in-one training device that gives immediate feedback to the golfer in a multitude of levels.  TGT provides the variety of multiple training aids in one revolutionary device that is simple and easy to use.  It is a must have for any golfer looking to improve any part of their golf swing.

There are 12 basic settings that the TGT provides the golfer.  It teaches the golfer every shot in the game including: full swing, chip shots, pitch shots and more.  It can be used by golfers of all ages and skill levels.  It can be used by right-handed and left-handed golfers.  The versatility of the TGT is remarkable.

Mike tells us “This device can be used many, many ways.  We have found over 50 ways to use the TGT and several of the Top 100 teachers in golf have walked away with our product this week!”

The Total Golf Trainer easily attaches to any grip and can be used with any golf club.  It works with the lead or trail part of the golf swing.  Golfers can move the device into the correct shape and angles to work with their unique swing angles and motions.

Da Vinci Sports is providing golfers this amazing product that is simple and easy to use in a time when there are so many training aids that focus on just one part of the golf swing.  Total Golf Trainer helps improve bio-mechanics, impact position, body sequencing, club path and much more.

If all that is not enough, Da Vinci Sports also has a putting training aid too!  The Tour Putting Trainer (TPT) has been designed to give the golfer the ability to learn a “pro-like” putting stroke.  It teaches golfers to putt with the big muscles and not the hands.  It promotes and teaches a repeatable putting motion that will lead to more made putts.

The TPT works with multiple types of putting grips and set ups.  This allows the golfer to improve the putting stroke without having to change grip.  It works with the grip to provide proper stroke and movement to allow for a more consistent putting motion.

Visit Da Vinci Sports on their website DaVinciSports.net to purchase a Total Golf Trainer. For more coverage about this new product fro the 2016 PGA Show click HERE.