The Thistle Golf Club March 2016 Update

Shan  Coughlin, Host of Tee It UP Grand Strand, heads to Calabash North Carolina to talk with the new Head Golf Professional at The Thistle Golf Club, Chad Wiebelhaus for the Thistle Golf Club March 2016 Update.  At the Thistle since December, Chad has been in the North Carolina area for about three years, but started his golf career in the Phoenix Arizona area.Thistle Golf Course1

The Thistle Golf Club has a very unique clubhouse with a regal feel to match the three traditionally European links style nines.  The stone, wood and brick facade on the clubhouse represents the different eras of golf in Europe.  Chad says that while very player friendly, each of the nines are very unique with water does coming into play on many of the holes.

There are new initiatives for 2016 at The Thistle.  The most exciting of these is the addition of the Pace of Play tees.  Chad explains that there will be set of tees in front of the current most forward set as well as a combo tee set up which will combine the traditional men’s tee with the addition of a few that fall between those and the current forward tees.  These additions will be rated so players opting for this shorter yardage will still be eligible to post their scores for their handicap and can continue to compete as they currently do.  The best part is that they will have a yardage that better suits their abilities to swing the club.  Many times as a golfer’s swing speed slows for whatever reason, they become penalized and the game becomes more difficult and thus less fun.  By playing a shorter yardage, the game remains fun, adapts with the player and adds to the experience for all.  When asked about the reception of these new tee yardages, Chad says that especially among the newer golfers and ladies, it is being very well received.

Thistle Golf CourseNext, Shan and Chad talk about the course itself and how those new Tif Eagle Bermuda greens are in fantastic shape heading into spring golf season.  Just transitioned from Bent Grass last fall, the new greens have had time to establish themselves much to the success the superintendent and his staff have had with the process.  Chad mentions that he is excited to tell golfers that they will never have to putt on punched greens this spring as they plan to close one nine at a time for the aerification process which is a big deal to both the maintenance staff and to the golfers who play during that necessary but somewhat frustrating time.  So all good news in this the Thistle Golf Club March 2016 Update.

For more information on tee times, events and the Thistle’s Hickory Stick Loyalty program, visit the website at  The staff welcomes the opportunity to speak with you and on the course, you will have the experience reminiscent of your last European vacation while listening to southern accents.  You can also check out the gallery to see all of the unique features of the clubhouse and the course.  Hit’em straight and we hope to see you in the fairways.