Continuing his discussion about the principles behind the rules of golf, Martyn Woodhouse gets into rule 13-1 which states: The ball must be played as it lies, except as otherwise provided in the Rules. Huh? Martyn promises these rules are really not that complicated, so long as one understands the principles behind the rules. We learn in this episode there are many more exceptions to the rules than rules.

We’re also learning it’s hard to get through one of Martyn’s shows without remembering an occasion where we may have experienced improper play. We’re not implying that a golfer would cheat. As Martyn says, often deliberate offenses are done out of ignorance rather than actual…cheating.  This show is, without a doubt, a great review for anyone who wants to play this great game by the rules. Hey, if you choose to play by relaxed rules, no problem. Our recommendation is to not use the scores from those relaxed rounds to determine your handicap.

The Rules of GolfPerhaps one of the most interesting discussion yet came during this episode. Martyn explained in fair detail how moving branches, tufts of grass, or even a small mound of sand is legal as long as such movement is done during the backswing, and the swing is continued and completed through the ball. At the beginning of this series, Martyn told us the rules can often benefit rather than penalize the golfers, and in this discussion, that fact came to realization. When going into the bush to recover your ball, and as you’re taking your stance, remember to keep both hands on the club. You’ll have to listen to, or watch the broadcast to know why. But the next day after this lesson, this writer actually witnessed someone use this practice to his advantage during a round. This was none other than the Godfather, host of GolfRap, and TGD Today. Check it out!

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