Martyn Woodhouse begins the show by answering some questions posted by listeners. One of the questions came as the result of discussion on TGD Today when hosts George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III (during a Winter golf prep show) disagreed on the rules concerning warming balls during the round with Hot Hands hand warmers. A listener to that show wrote into the Rules of Golf  forum on the TGD Community to get clarification from Martyn. As Martyn very clearly explains, reading from Rule 14-3 about Artificial Devices, players are allowed to use artificial devices such as hand warmers to warm their hands during a round, but not their (golf) balls. However, using a golf ball that was warmed prior to the round is not in violation of the rule.  Thanks for clearing that up, Martyn!

Another listener asked Martyn to explain the proper etiquette for “putting out” on the green. As Martyn explains, the rules regarding playing in the proper order (furthest from the hole first) are different for Match Play and Stroke Play. Playing out of turn is a violation during Match Play, but is allowed during stroke play, especially for the purpose of helping pace of place. It is considered common courtesy for a player to put out a ball a few inches from the hole rather than marking it, especially if it may interfere with a fellow competitors line of putt. However, (there seems to always be a however) the player may not leave the ball (that otherwise would be marked) when asked to by another player in a situation where the other player may gain an advantage from the action…such as using the ball as a backstop or for deflection to the hole. In this case both players are in violation and should be disqualified. Playing out of turn is also a clear violation when done so to give another player a read of the line of putt.  To better answer the listener’s question, you are always in control of your ball, and it the player’s option whether to putt out or mark…with the above considerations….or course.

Now on to loose impediments, moveable and immovable obstructions. Watch the video below for Martyn as gets into Rules 23 and 24 along with decisions and exceptions.

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