I couldn’t wait to get back into the studio for another show and to gloat about my recommendation (among several) for a fix of the Ryder Cup. More on that later. It’s great to be back and it’s always fun to chat with our fantastic producer Mr. Jeff Gilder. There is a whole lot going on in the world of golf these days. But I’m sure will find some great things to talk about as we always do.
We like to go off topic a lot and talk about different things not just the PGA Tour. And it’s the perfect come here to get into those kind of things so that is exactly what we’re going to do.
You need to go to my website SportsMonger.com and click on the golf tab and check out the video that I posted showing  a phenomenal 3 foot putt. This young man somewhere in Europe probably Scotland or Ireland that has a nice 3 foot birdie putt on what looks to be a very cold and windy day. Now it’s nice to have a 3 foot birdie make sure he’s not a little bit and makes you think about and concentrate more on how you’re going to stroke the ball and make the putt. Well I’m knocking to give it away but you would never guess in 100 years how this got the ball to make it.
I was in West Virginia two weeks ago at Bethany College where I went to school for homecoming weekend. The festivities always kick off with a Friday morning alumni charity golf tournament. I’ve lived in South Carolina for 16 years and I am definitely not accustomed to playing golf in cold weather anymore. That’s what I had to do last Friday wasn’t real happy about it and my friends have a little fun at my expense laughing at the extra couple layers of clothes I had on compared to everybody else.
Jeff was out in Mesquite Nevada for a great event with the Paralympic golfers Long Drive competition. He feels is it on how amazing it was to watch those guys glad I didn’t hit balls well over 300 yards.

The Golfmonger Called it – How to Fix The Ryder Cup

Every once in a while and this crazy sports blog business you get a little bit ahead of the curve. It doesn’t happen very often for guys like me but when you do it’s nice to mention it and pat yourself on the back a little bit. On this show right after the Ryder Cup ended with the Americans losing handily to the Europeans we discussed changes that needed to be made to fix the Ryder Cup…specifically in the process of qualifying for the Ryder Cup team and how when why what where they make the captains picks. And lo and behold a week or so ago the PGA of America comes out with an announcement that they are created a Ryder Cup committee to look at the process of selecting the team and qualifying process. Man!  We are smart!!!
It will be very interesting to see what this panel comes up with. I blogged about it when it was announced a couple weeks ago and gave my thoughts there. It is interesting that they have five current players, three former Ryder Cup captain’s, and three members of the PGA of America. These 11 better tasked with adjusting the process.
What exactly are they going to accomplish?  If you had of the day it comes down to the 12 guys that end up on the team showing the passion and drive and excitement to actually be on the team and fight to win.
What is abusing to us is the three former Ryder Cup captain’s all captained losing efforts.
Davis Love III, Tom Lehman and Ray Floyd are the three. Each of them lost their time as Captain. Could they go get three guys actually won the damn thing?   Maybe those guys turned it down.
We believe that we know who should be the next Ryder Cup captain. And since we were so smart thing changes need to be made we think we’re gonna be pretty smart again on this one as well.
Regardless what the committee comes up with I’m sure when they do make an announcement with their findings whether it’s next week next month or next year we will all have our opinions and we will agree with some of it we will disagree with some of it and when the time comes you can bet will be back at it talking about it and discuss it.

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