Ryder Cup Prep

TGD Broadcast Team on Pro Golf Talk – L-R Al (Dr Grind) Cloyd, Hugh (HR3) Royer III, George (The Godfather) Honeycutt

Over the past few weeks we’ve been behind the scenes quietly tweaking our TGD TV live streaming platform. We’ve been making some changes to the studio, and if you’ve been moving around the site lately, you will have noticed some changes occurring to the TGD TV page. After a few weeks of testing and tweaking, most of our live broadcasts from TGD Radio will now simulcast on TGD TV.  We have added TGD TV channels for Tee It Up Grand Strand, TGD TV Weekly Broadcast, and TGD Special Editions. Stay tuned for more…later!

The Tee It Up Grand Strand channel will feature all Myrtle Beach area (Grand Strand) golf course partners and their monthly course updates. Tee It Up Grand Strand can initially be found on the TGD TV page and will eventually (as they air going forward) be added to the  individual course pages found under the “Featured Course” tab. The TGd Weekly Broadcast Channel will include all programming from the current weekly broadcasts such as GolfRap, The Round Table, Tech Talk, Pro Golf Talk, Golf Connections, and Amateur Golf Talk Live. Each week, on the date of the live airing, we will replace the previous week’s show with the current show. In an effort to preserve some of the non-date-sensitive programming such as Golf Connections, Tech Talk, TGD Product Showcase, and Amateur Golf Talk Live, we are creating the TGD Special Editions channel for viewing on demand beyond the  initial week of broadcast.

TGD TV Green Screen Studio

TGD TV Green Screen Studio

So, when you land on the TGD TV page at httpss://tv.thegolfdirector.com at the top we are displaying our main player. When we’re streaming live, this player will display the current programming in real time. Anytime after the live stream, the player will display the Weekly Broadcast Channel. The TGD TV live airing schedule is listed under the player along with a countdown clock to the next live show. Further down the  page are the Special Editions and Tee It UP Grand Strand channel players. Both these players will display on-demand content. We’re still archiving the TGD TV programming that took place prior the live stream upgrade. All that content is displayed below the channel players.

There’s much more coming for TGD TV over the next few months.  We have installed a floor-to-ceiling green screen to accommodate future production plans. Our goal is to offer our global golf audience, some unique golf tv programming covering a variety of golf destinations, news, tips, tech, commentary, and editorial.