TGD Today – The Round Table

TGD Today regulars George Honeycutt, Hugh Royer III, and Al Cloyd welcome Wil Weldon to the Round Table. Will is coming of a $10,000 hole-in-one win in last week ends Rally for he Cure scramble at Azalea Sands golf course in Myrtle Beach. Wil stroked a 4 iron from 190 yards to win the Roman Gabriel sponsored $10k prize. The folks at East Coast Golf Management, The Kilted Caddy Club, and Azalea Sands Golf Course put on a great tournament that was well attended in support of the cause. Wil says he’s going to give some money back to charity, pay some bills and put the rest away for his daughter’s education. It doesn’t bother him at all to lose his amateur status, as he has zero plans to play any amateur tournaments in the future. Wil’s team went on to win the scramble with a 54.

TGD Today – Tech Talk with Al Cloyd

Dr. Grind came packing today with some great information (as usuall) for amatuer golfers at all levels. He goes through a complete basic club recommendation for women and men based on swing speed. The information included detail about specific club recommendations from metals to wedges. Driver loft and shaft weight, hybrids versus metals and irons, and steel versus fiberglass and composite shafts were discussed for various levels of capability. Dr. Grind is a master club fitter with a purist approach to the game. The words of advice that we heard over and over were, “Players, if you want to shoot lowers scores, check your egos at the door.” Technology in golf equipment has changed drastically, and being fitted by a qualified fitter has never been more effective. Not only have the clubs, shafts, and balls improved, the tools utilized to determine your precise needs have as well. I saw the godfather taking notes as he listened to the show.

TGD Today – Pro Golf Talk

As they do each and every week, the team takes a look at the latest golf news including a preview of the weekend’s tournaments. It’s back to golf news as usual after the bombshell dropped by the PGA of America last week. More on that HERE. The media seems to be settling down after PGA President Ted bishop was fired for inappropriate conduct when he lashed out at Ian Poulter on social media.

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