TGD Today -The Round Table

Hosts George Honeycutt and Al Cloyd welcome Patrick Lundy into the studios for TGD Today. Patrick is preparing for stage 2 Q School this coming week after recently getting through stage 1. It is great to have the opportunity to  get the perspective of an aspiring PGA Tour Pro as he makes his way to the Tour. We’ll be keeping up with Patrick on his journey with regular updates. Be sure to check back.

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TGD Today -Tech Talk

TGD Today’s crew gets the fitness side of golf on Tech Talk with fitness coach, Mary Weil as guest. Marty’s new eBook 5 Minute Warm Up was the topic of discussion. Marty’s already popular 5 Minute Warm Up is now much more convenient for golfers to use, since it can be downloaded to a smart device and actually taken to the course. How many times have you rushed to the course, then to the tee without a warm up? How many holes did it take for you to get into the “swing” of things. Warming up just 5 minutes before a round can be an effective way to avoid injury…and who knows, you might just play better the first three holes. How much difference would that make in your score?

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TGD Today – Pro Golf Talk LIVE

Al, George, and Patrick cover all the tour news and upcoming tournaments for this weekend. As they do each and every week, the staff coves the PGA Tour, the tour, the LPGA tour, the Champions Tour, The European Tour, and much more.

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