This episode of TGD Today hosted by George Honeycutt (The Godfather), Hugh Royer III (HR3), and Al Cloyd (Dr. Grind) and includes The Round, Table, Tech Talk with Al Cloyd, and a return of Miura Golf president, Adam Barr. For those who which to watch specific portions of the show Tech Talk With Al Cloyd begins approximately 35 minutes into the show, and the interview with Adam Barr begins approximately 59 minutes into the show.

The Round Table

Let’s take one more shot (hopefully the last) at explaining away yet another disappointing loss by the Americans in the Ryder Cup. After we’ve had a few days to digest the residual comments following the fireworks started by Phil Mickelson in the post event press conference, it seems most are still in favor adapting these excuses.
1. The Ryder Cup does not mean as much to the Americans as it does the European team
2. Captain Watson should have utilized Paul Azinger’s (successful) “Pod” method that includes more player involvement in certain decisions.
3. It is difficult to motivate 12 spoiled millionaires to represent their country…for free in this event.
4. We need more new blood like Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed.
Really guys? That’s all you can come with? How about this…we got our butts kicked by some great golfers. Let’s not beat this dead horse any longer and get on with choosing the next captain. Hope it’s Azinger!!

Tech Talk With Al Cloyd

Al Cloyd always brings some great information and education for the amatuer golfer to the show. Today he talks about swing weight, how it is accomplished, and what it means to golfers at all levels. Having HR3 and The Godfather to share and explain how technology has changed swing weight over the past few years. Hearing this episode of Tech Talk further drives home the need for every golfer to have a qualified fitter set up their clubs. Holy cow, I had no idea there was so much technical information to consider. Thanks Al for another informative show!

Miura Golf

It has been a while since we’ve had Miura Golf President, Adam Barr on TGD. In today’s show we received a very informative update on Miura’s line of clubs including the introduction of their new staff bag. Perhaps the most important information to gain from this interview is the fact that Miura Golf has a club for all skill levels. It hasn’t been so long that many amateurs may have felt they needed to be a scratch or at least a low handicapper to be able to hit a forged iron. That may have been the case a few years ago, but forged iron technology has certainly advanced, and Miura Golf is right there on the cutting edge with eir product line. Miura is considered to be the premier equipment manufacturer in the industry and offers a complete line of products from metals, to hybrids, to irons, wedges, and putters….and oh yes…one of the sexiest bags we’ve ever seen. For more information about Miura Golf visit their website at httpss:// Thanks, Adam! It’s always a pleasure to have you on TGD Radio and TV!

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