We’re making some changes and additions beginning with an all new program and format on the TGD Network! TGD Today will be a multi-segmented golf variety show that will air every Thursday at 10 AM. The show, hosted by George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III will cover the weeks golf news as well as a preview of the upcoming weekend. Each episode of TGD Today will be simulcasted live to TGD TV and TGD Radio. The TGD Radio podcast from each episode will be archived for download and listen on-demand at httpss://radio.thegolfdirector.com. The video version of the show will also be archived for viewing on-demand in the TGD TV loop at httpss://tv.thegolfdirector.com. TGD Today will also replay in the TGD Radio loop daily through the following weekend.

All future programs and accompanying articles will be included in the TGD Radio and TV Features feed here on the homepage of TheGolfDirector.com.  These changes will make all our content more accessible from the TGD homepage.  Thank you for visiting our network, and we hope you return often.