Adam-Barr-1Miura Golf has long been recognized as the industry’s premier forged iron manufacturer. Over the past few years the company has been expanding to include a complete line of high end golf equipment. The Miura family has been manufacturing clubs for 50 years in the same region in Japan known for forging superior hand-crafted Samurai swords. Himeji City was home for the master sword craftsmen, and the secrets for making superior Samurai swords have been passed down through the generations. The area is now known for making superior golf clubs. Miura Golf founder, Katsuhiro Miura (now in his early 70s) is still very active and hands-on in the company continuing his quest for golf club perfection.

Miura pp-9003-multi23In this episode of TGD Product Showcase we had the privilege to interview Adam Barr, President of Miura Golf just as the company is coming off robust summer sales. Perhaps the most exciting news for amateur golfers is that Miura recently began crafting irons for mid to higher handicappers. For decades forged irons were only found in the bags of better golfers. “Forging technology has gotten better across the industry over the past 10 years,” explains Adam during the interview. “This allows manufacturers the ability to create cavities and move weight in ways that once could only be accomplished by casting. We heard the call, and when I joined the company a little over four years ago, we began working to expand our offering. We have a forged option for every player.”  Following the launch of the MB001 Muscle Back blades that have done very well, Miura has recently introduced their series CB 1957 Limited Edition cavity back club that has a forged feel with the technology of a cavity and a weight bar located behind the impact area…all hidden behind a slim and compact topline. It is yet another option for those looking for a perimeter-weighted club with the forged feel. The PP 9003 irons  have a slightly larger head allowing for a widened sweet spot and larger cavity. These club series’ are attractive to the mid to higher handicappers, and offer those players the opportunity to own some very playable high end clubs.

A proper fitting is of key importance for any brand, but Miura takes club fitting to an even higher standard. Their clubs come with premium prices, and the company prides itself in making sure the fit is right for every player, regardless of the product series and regardless of the skill level of the player. For that reason Miura club fitters must meet specific requirements, and be able to provide the kind of feedback to the player necessary for an optimum fitting experience. Barr insists, “If a golfer has built a sound swing, there is no reason to change their swing to get the desired ball flight. We will customize the club for that.”

miura driversmiura_staff_bagIn addition to their more widely recognized and extensive line of blade and cavity backed irons, Miura offers the SIT 460 Driver and the complimentary SIT-3 and SIT-5 Fairway woods. Answering the call of many for something more forgiving in place of 3 and 4 irons, they offer the HB-3 and HB-4 Hybrids. Add to that an assortment of wedges including the C-Grind, K-Grind, Y-Grind, and the New Wedge Series in 51°, 53°, 55°, 57°, and 59°, it is evident that Miura has broadened its line to address most any golfer’s needs including many left handed offerings. For putters, Miura offers the KM-005, KM-006, and KM-007 and Retro KM-350 Blade Putter. The company recently introduced a new staff bag that looks every bit as magnificent as their clubs, oozing quality from every stitch, pocket and zipper.

It is very exciting to see Miura’s product line growing to include game improvement options for higher handicappers. For more information and to find a Miura dealer near you go to httpss://

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