Bret ThomaswickSandpiper-Bay-Golf 1Host Shan Coughlin welcomes Brett Thomaswick for the Tee It Up Grand Strand Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club March Update.  Brett, Sandpiper Bay’s Head Golf Professional, came in wearing some of the new Nike Volt spring color line coupled with the Loudmouth royal blue pants with pink flamingo embroidery.  He and some other local professionals have really stepped up the use of color in their wardrobe with the help of their apparel reps so we have begun photographing them to catalog the new spring looks.  Brett, a yoga fanatic, even gives us a tree pose.  He said it was close to the pose “flamingo” to honor the pink flamingos on his pants.   We give props to anyone who can stand on one foot long enough for us to grab the camera and turn on some lights, but when  you’re 6’5″, its even more impressive.  And this pose even shows off the new kicks.

Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club has some significant renovations planned for the course this summer.  Those of us whose balls seem destined to land in the beach are even more excited than most.  Sandpiper Bay will be grassing in select bunkers.  The first to go, Brett’s “favorite” bunker on the corner of the dogleg on the 9th hole of the Bay Course.  It’s the one he ends up in when he tries to cut the corner but doesn’t catch the ball just right.   The good think about Sandpiper Bay is that when they have work to do on the golf course, they just close one nine, still leaving 18 holes to play without interruption, temporary greens, etc.  And they let everything heal up before re-opening to start on the next nine.  This is a luxury many courses just do not have.

Sandpiper_Bay_Golf_3Sandpiper Bay -6This spring, summer and fall, take advantage of the great rates this course has to offer by asking for the PGA4 or PGA5 package from your golf trip provider.  Each person in your party will receive a $100 or $150 gift card to use on replays, food, beverages, apparel, balls, or accessories.  It’s a deal that really can’t be beat.  Also, check out Sandpiper Bay on the Platinum Golf Membership.  Enjoy special member only rates and once you play 4 times, the 5th is complimentary.  22 other courses participate as well so you can be a member, while not being hemmed in to one location.

Brett and Shan talk about all this and more in their interview so click the player above to hear it all.  You can also download it to any smart device for listen on demand.  Thank you for interacting with us here at and for your interest in the Tee It Up Sandpiper Bay Golf Club March Update.  See you in the fairways.