At Sandpiper Baby Golf & Country Club we get some tips on warming up before a round of golf.  Head Professional, Brett Thomaswick talks with us out on the driving range about the advantages of loosing up before hitting the first tee.

Brett recommends stretching.  It is very important to take a few minutes to get the body warmed up and loosened even before taking the first swing with any club.  It does not take a whole lot of effort.  He is not recommending breaking into a full sweat with a total stretching and workout routine.  He is merely encouraging golfers to take a few minutes to do some routine stretching.  Stretching the back muscles along with the major body muscles used in the golf swing.

Brett also recommends taking wedges and short irons to the range to warm up.  Everyone wants to take the driver to the range and get the testosterone flowing early.  The problem with that is, that more shots are taken with the shorter irons or “scoring irons” that with the driver.  In the average round of golf the driver is only used about 9 or 10 times.  Why hit 3 times that many balls on the range?  Warm up and practice smarter for better scores.

Sandpiper Bay loves to run monthly specials in the pro shop.   It not only includes discounts on rounds of golf but also on merchandise too.  The specials run anywhere from free golf balls to discounts on hats and shirts with paid rounds of golf.  If the golf course is not enough to make golfers come and play, these great offers certainly will.

Starting this month Sandpiper Bay will be offering a special $29 on the 29th offer.  Play 18 holes and Sandpiper Bay for $29 on the 29th of the month.  In addition each golfer will also receive a free dozen of Bridgestone golf balls.  That is an incredible offer!  Hurry and make tee times now.

Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club is located in the quiet community of Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  This 27 hole facility is a short 20 minute drive from Myrtle Beach and worth every minute of the trip.  The experience is 2nd to none at this newly renovated facility.  The green complexes were converted to MiniVerde bermuda, the best of the hybrid bermuda strains of grass.

To take advantage of the golf specials or for more information visit the website or call the pro shop at 910.579.9120.