This month we talk to Head Pro Frank Coughlin at Arcadian Shores Golf Club.  He is giving a lesson on setting a good foundation for the golf swing.  This is possibly the most important part of the golf swing.

For most amateur golfers the original set up of the golf swing is the hardest to detect if it is out of line. Alignment is very hard to fix in the course. Even if a golfer “feels” out of line it is difficult to correct during the course of a round.

According to Frank, we are going to “build a house” as we build a golf swing.  Essentially he is talking about making sure that all the parts of the swing are together correctly.  It all starts at the bottom.  Cannot build a house if the foundation is not set properly.  It will fall apart for sure.

The foundation starts with the alignment of the feet.  The feet are the “foundation” of the house.  It is very important the the feet are lined up in the proper direction.  If they are not the rest of the swing is going to be off line.

Next make sure that the hips and lined up parallel to the feet.  It is paramount to make sure the “first floor” is in line with the foundation. If not the swing will not be good.

Once the feet and shoulders are lined up properly, we are half way home.  The “second floor” or shoulders need to be parallel to the same line as the “first floor” and “foundation” to make a smooth, correct swing.

Now that all the floors in the house are in proper alignment, we have the setup to make a swing with all parts moving in the same direction.  If the feet, hips and shoulders are out of line it is impossible to swing on a straight plane and hit a solid golf shot.

Put a club on the ground in front of the body to use as a guideline to line up the feet.  From there, line up the hips and shoulders on the same line and the foundation will be set for a good golf swing.

Come to Arcadian Shores Golf Club and use the practice range to work on the foundation of the golf swing.  After that it’s time to tee it up on this classic Rees Jones design and see if the tip helped.

Visit or call 843-449-5217 and Frank and the staff in the pro shop will be glad to help you make a tee time.