Shane Lowery’s F Bomb


Shane Lowry’s f-bomb quickly became the topic of the morning for the TGD Round Table discussion. Lowry, the 23rd world-ranking Irish professional golfer, unapologetically expressed his audible frustration as he watched his tee shot fall into the water during the last round of the Honda Classic. The curse words could be heard clearly over the live broadcast, and was immediately followed by an apology from one of the commenters.
Lowry, who has received an enormous amount of attention from the media, simply tweeted, “So I said a bad word…. Shoot me!” to all the critics.
Despite the well-known difficulty in the game of golf, much of our panel believes Lowry’s responsibility as a world championship golfer is to present himself professionally, and keep up the reputation of playing a “gentlemen’s game”. On the other hand, the questionable advances of media and crossing the boundaries between live coverage and a player’s privacy were discussed.
The on-going controversy is ultimately in the hands of PGA policy and the audience investing their time in the game. So, tell us what you think! Was Shane Lowry at fault for his language and poor professional presentation, or is there any mercy for the occasional f-bomb during a bad tee?