Tom Plankers, PGA General Manager at International World Tour Golf Links and Director of Operations for Founders Group International welcomes Host of Tee It UP Grand Strand out to the course for an update on the course and a bit of golf history.  On this beautiful October day of 80 degrees, Shan and Tom go out to the 9th hole at World Tour Golf Links.  This 9th hole is from St. Andrews with the iconic bridge and wide wide fairway.  As Tom says, if you miss this fairway you might want to consider hockey.  It makes for a terrific finish for a 9 hole round and for a full 18 holes round, really gets the juices flowing for what is to come on the back nine.

As you tee off, you can see the placard giving the rich history of the hole at St. Andrews.  You then look up to see that iconic bridge and hope you hit your ball near it so you don’t look completely weird when you stand on it for the picture.  Everyone does it, so it is ok either way.  Would you go to the real St. Andrews and not take the picture?  You might as well get one here too in case you never make it over their.  The World Tour clubhouse behind the green gives a backdrop that reminds you you are in coastal South Carolina where attention to detail and southern hospitality are key.

International World Tour Golf Links has 19 holes, all exact replicas in dimension and elevation of world famous golf holes from around the world including the three from Augusta that make up Amen Corner as well as others from St. Andrews, and the infamous #16 island green hole at TPS Sawgrass.  This course contains the bucket list, the mecca of golf, better than heaven Tom says.  But as Shan points out, it is seemless.  If you never looked at the placards at each tee box and you don’t recognize the hole from PGA tournaments, you would never think that these were holes pulled from 10 plus other golf courses.  A few of the holes are from private facilities where you would never get the opportunity to play unless you knew a guest.  Not only is the course a great history lesson, the clubhouse contains several showcases of memorabilia including old clubs, bags, and even passes from Augusta that say $10 parking lot ticket.  This truly is a place that honors the past, celebrates the great holes of today, and looks to the future.

With fall golf season in full swing and winter golf season around the corner, World Tour is ready.  They do not paint the fairways and greens, they overseed so your experience, both play-ability and aesthetically, will be awesome.  As part of the Founders Group International management group here in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, there are many opportunities to pair World Tour into a golf package or just play it on it’s own.  The best place to get additional information is from their website at or look at their feature page here on The Golf Director under Destinations Myrtle Beach.